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  1. $5 2001 Federal Reserve Note Blue Seal (Not a silver certificate).

    There was quite a bit of paperwork actually. Yes its that pawn shop. It was the place most businesses in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio recommended. Currency and Gold shops all over from North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Minnesota all know that was my bill and were...
  2. $5 2001 Federal Reserve Note Blue Seal (Not a silver certificate).

    I have contacted an attorney already. I had the company Lokis Gold send it in for grading along with a $50 confederate bill signed by the designer, a low number silver cert star note, and a $1 silver dollar coin. Lokis decided they wanted them and wont give them back. I have all the proper...
  3. $5 2001 Federal Reserve Note Blue Seal (Not a silver certificate).

    Sry for the double attachment posts. Idk how that even happened.
  4. $5 2001 Federal Reserve Note Blue Seal (Not a silver certificate).

    PMG isn't refusing to give it back the company I send it for grading is refusing to give it back. I've actually found pics of 4 others online in all my research but none ever graded by any grading company. So it's not the only one period...its the only one graded officially as of now. According...
  5. $5 2001 Federal Reserve Note Blue Seal (Not a silver certificate).

    Is this not the right place for this kind of thing or does nobody have any thoughts on this?
  6. $5 2001 Federal Reserve Note Blue Seal (Not a silver certificate).

    I'm trying to gather peoples input on the value of this $5 Federal Reserve Note that I have. Its about to become part of a legal battle between a company and me. They're basically refusing to give it back after I paid to have it graded. It received a grading of 50 About Uncirculated, Discovery...
  7. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    I'll take your word for it. I wasn't particularly worried about the $ aspect. I was trying mainly to figure out if it's the only copy left and who made it basically. I'd actually thought a museum might want it if I knew everything about it.
  8. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    I did manage to find this but still cant find anything more. This is only image or reference to this book in a 1910 Mcloughlin Brothers of New York catalog and is the only time ever mentioned.
  9. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    Ok so even after going through everything I was given so far I still can't find a copy of this book anywhere. It also still makes it the oldest copy of any mother goose book I can find that's intact and complete. Can anyone find the cover anywhere? I can't find any mother goose book that's on...
  10. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    Holy crap! I wish I knew about this site way before now. That's more info in a few hours then I've found all year. Ty everyone. Also with this info I'm going to talk to that appraiser here about all of this.
  11. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    Also theres 3 pics that have a insignia it seems. I'll post what it looks like.
  12. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    The last page is also part of the book. Me and a book appraiser looked in by the binding underneath near the spine and there's definitely no pages missing or anything. It's how it was originally made and that's been confirmed by almost every book expert or librarian in the mid west of the U.S...
  13. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    You can definitely tell that it's mostly handmade. No pixels in any writing or pics. You can see at certain points where certain details were either forgotten or added later. I'll post detailed pics. Do you happen to know the author or illustrator or anything about it specifically?
  14. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    I have a wove cloth Mother Goose Rhymes book. I've been searching for info on for over 2 yrs. Its all hand painted, hand drawn, and hand written. There's a total of 30 pages with the 1st and last page being apart of the cover. There's no date, origin, author, or illustrator anywhere. The cover...