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  1. Well first real find, can’t find info on it

    Thank you. This hobby even when finding pull tabs is a blast and gets your heart racing when you hear a high note ping. I know it’s not that old or historic, but It was really rewarding actually finding something like this. Made my day.
  2. Well first real find, can’t find info on it

    Had a guy write me back about it. I guess it was a service offered by Montgomery ward. To his best knowledge last years of offering were mid 70s. Super cool to find in the back yard.
  3. Well first real find, can’t find info on it

    First real find (aside from newer coins and trash) pretty excited about it though. Not sure what it is yet, any ideas? Says MWCCS complete credit card protection service. Not much about it online, other than ones for sale.
  4. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any idea what this rock is?

    Southern part of quachita mtns in sw Arkansas
  5. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Any idea what this rock is?

    Any idea what kinda rock this is? Has a metallic blue shine to it. I could fill a dump truck with it so I’m guessing not rare. Just hadn’t seen it before. Found in southern part of Quachita mtns in SW Arkansas.
  6. Two quick door knock hunts...couple silver's

    Makes good sense. Thank you again.
  7. Two quick door knock hunts...couple silver's

    It definitely helps thank you. I think I will spend more time making sure I get clean plugs, and leaving no trace before I start. How do you handle the situations of finding something potentially valuable? Something not necessarily valuable but a cool find?
  8. Two quick door knock hunts...couple silver's

    Nice finds and quality time. Can’t beat that. I am curious how you approach the door knocks to dig? I’m new to this snd so far have just been on my property. Would really appreciate any advice on how to approach this.
  9. Cleaning wheat pennies

    I tried the same thing with one in a little better shape then the one you posted. I’m a rookie to all this and In about 20 mins of soaking I destroyed it with vinegar. Lesson learned.
  10. New dirt fisher here

    Definitely hot rocks. Been doing some reading. Busted one open and it was white in side. So guessing lead. Now gotta figure out how not to dig em, and those pesky cans that show in the 80’s every time. Lol
  11. New dirt fisher here

    Next time I’m out squirrel huntin and get up on a ridge line I’ll give ya a wave.
  12. New dirt fisher here

    ETA: I live in the ouachitas in Arkansas in case the geography might help explain New to metal detecting, so far I am having a blast. I have a Garrett Ace 400. So far a lot of pull tabs, cans, and spent shell casings. I have also found some pennies, and a cool key. None of which are old, but...
  13. Unusual Horseshoe

    Front shoe for a mule, with a toe clip. It’s a touch wider than normal, the farrier might of made it a touch wider to help it in wetter ground.