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  • Good! You know, I try to do the friend stuff... but only here on TNet. I don't do any facebook or tweets, or any of that other stuff. Just here. Many people find out that that stuff is FOREVER and regret some stuff they posted say... 15 years ago... when they were YOUNG! I have back problems too. L3 to the S1 all fused together. I am told it will get worse as I get older. Fun, fun! Take care, my friend. Terry
    i was hopeing that youd like that little Miller Table. hope it isnt to small for the amount of cons you get. this is the first time ive used this Pm function myself. my email is:[email protected] those fires and heat cost me $2000. for two days dredgeing in Wyoming! Russ
    Hey Russ :) I have it set up & it runs perfectly. It didn't take long to get everything dialed in but right now everything is frozen up here so we haven't shot a video of it yet. I'm still waiting for some more cons before we run it again but I am ready :) I still have the picture of you if you want a pic of you for here that is :) hehe. This is the first time that I've used this pm board so let me know if it works or what I need to do different or if it posts somewhere else. Anyway, I finally picked out a new forum to hop on basically because I saw you here along with most of the others :) I haven't been on a forum or written on one anyway since 49erWyatt's went down until now. This looks like a really busy place, too busy but it works :)
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