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  1. Prospectors Research Tools

    HMMMMMM that would maybe toooooooooooooooooo many bars for me !:occasion14::laughing7::icon_thumright:
  2. Burnt river, oregon

    About 20 or so years ago I dropped my dredge permit for Oregon because back then they started allowing ANYONE to sue you for anything ! Needless to say my family was more important than any gold I got after driving 1/2 way across our Country ! I never went back !
  3. Winter Prospecting in California

    Nice video ! I once found 5 mini balls in a old rotten stump while in a metal detector hunt down in Ball Ground Georgia 15/20 years ago .I kept them but now I cant find them !:dontknow::icon_scratch: The mini balls were all together just like someone was target practicing OR someone was the...
  4. Chest waders or such for shallow water dredging?

    Get into the water so you can see what your doing and your back will THANKYOU when you get older like me !
  5. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    If you cant clean them when they are loaded with carbon on their screens the performance will drop to ZIP quickly and you'll get rid of or just stop using it completely ! I learned of this on 2 cycle dirt bikes years ago and corrected that problem by burning the loaded up carbon deposits . If...
  6. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    All spark arrester's need to have their "screen " cleaned to operate properly! a build up of Carbon is a performance killer !
  7. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    To use in MOST forest's the spark arrester needs to be USFS approved and UNMODIFIED !
  8. Prospecting Tales

    All he wanted was the package of "SLIM JIMS " you had in your pocket ! maybe you should have shared it with him and MAYBE he would show you where the gold was hidden !:icon_thumright:
  9. Green Mountain Gold Trap?

    I like the assembled device a lot ! NICE JOB BUILDING !! The tubes could be improved on by making the flair a separate portion of the tube assembly to be permanently glued to the body and using a ( i.e. coupling) to press fit together after your clean out of cons and then slip fit it all...
  10. DIY Sluice project we made

    It appears that they could improve fine their gold capturing ability if they raised their riffle angle up a few degrees to give it more of a vortex action.
  11. Green Mountain Gold Trap?

    After viewing your review of the GMGT I got to agree with your comment on the quality of the product ! Using Lexan , stainless steel and alum. in it construction is a very big plus And the quality of the finish is top notch . The finished edges on the Lexan and alum. w/ rounded corners are a...
  12. HOLY MOLY! This Thing is AWESOME! Best Gold Dredge HACK out There!

    They do make one size more powerful................. It's called " bring your buddy to do the job" :hello::headbang::hello2::notworthy::icon_thumleft: Yep I'd say "pretty darn good also!"
  13. Green Mountain Gold Trap?

    As with any concentrator / cleanup equipment I would screen the material to a certain size and run the cons separately ! And if your useing a recirculating system ,I'd use something to drop the clay out of suspension and use multiple tubs to help settle out the remaining clay . And if your using...
  14. Yukon River Alaska 1898

    OR as long as we are "dreaming" what if we bought all of the Western Seaboard as our own private "claim" BEFORE anyone else thought of doing it !! We could have been able to tell all those "wacoenviromental terriorists to go PZZ OFF !:headbang:
  15. Battery Powered Shop Vac

    But small enough for the charger to be able to charge it fully !