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  1. VERY CAPABLE metal detector from Bulgaria, the Mikron NRG-110. Anyone used it?

    I bought a Mikron NRG 110 about a year ago. It seemed to air test very well, but when I took it outside to try it, it went crazy on me. I called the dealer and ended up sending it back for a refund. The dealer said he bought three detectors to try and two had been defective. I would like to had...
  2. Lady Shadow X 2 Question

    I own a Lady Shadow X2 with the super 7 coil. Getting harder to find nice X2's, and they seem to hold their value.
  3. My first Fisher! Cant believe its been 27 years....

    The 1220x was my first good detector back in the early 80's....great little detector. I just found a new old stock 1220x on craigslist for 70 bucks shipped ! I'm anxious to get the 1220x out once again ! Roger
  4. Fisher 1220x

    I owned one of these detectors back in the early 80's when they were introduced. Great little detector and founds lots of coins with it. I have been wanting to find another 1220x for nostalgic reasons and all the good memories I have of using that detector. Just happened to find one on...
  5. From JB(MS) Lady Shadow.

    The Shadow X2 I used to own had either an A or B in the serial number on the detector. If my memory serves me correctly the B at the end of the serial number indicated it was a Lady Shadow running at 9.6 kHz.
  6. Is there a 2 or 3 tone Tesoro?

    ryaan21, the Tesoro Cortes has the SUM mode switch but you have to hold it in place as you sweep over the target. Never made much sense to me to have it set up that way and didn't care for it so I traded the Cortes off..........HH Roger
  7. The DeLeon doesnt seem that popular...why?

    Personally I would go with the Vaquero. It is much deeper than the Deleon and runs very smooth and quiet. I owned a Deleon for a while and it is a nice detector, but I think it would be a much better machine with manual ground balance in the disc mode The Vaquero will cover all the bases for...
  8. Tesoro Vs All the Rest (Build Quality)

    I am well aware of Tesoro's new policy of charging a small fee to repair a detector if you are not the original owner. At the time I made my post about their detectors having a lifetime warranty Tesoro was repairing detectors for free if you were the 2nd or 3rd owner of the detector. I believe...
  9. Bitters

    sorry, but someone contacted me about my bitters bottle and I accidently deleted the email. please email me again at or call me at 217-371-6059.....sorry for the trouble. Roger
  10. Starting to get used to the Tejon !

    I have dug silver dimes at least 7 inches with my Tejon before with a solid signal and Killer B's headphones. I'm sure it will go much deeper than that on a dime in good ground. Quality headphones are a must with the Tejon to hear those really deep small targets. It loves nickels, lead and brass...
  11. Questions to ask on a used Vaquero

    You can pick up a nice Vaquero for 300.00 about anytime on the different detector classifieds. I wouldn't pay 300.00 for a well worn Vaquero personally.
  12. Buying decision: Tesoro Cortes

    I tried the Cortes and did not like that it didn't have manual ground balance in the disc mode. The SUM feature was a waste of time and effort in my opinion... unloaded the detector as soon as I could and got a Vaquero.
  13. Where are you from ? ( in Illinois )

    Jacksonville, Il. Morgan county, 45 miles west of Springfield.
  14. Bitters

    Here's a C H Swains Bourbon Bitters I found under the porch of an old house.
  15. hello from Hannibal, Missouri

    Welcome Tim, I'm not too far from you, near Jacksonville Illinois. Here's my cell phone number if you would like to talk sometime. 217-371-6059. Roger