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  • Found anything on the beaches lately? I have not been out, but I did get a new machine over Christmas time. The twin girls are taking all my time. Hope you are doing well.
    Met you on the beach last year.
    Hi s1- - I read your reply to the guy that got mugged, & I take it you are female? I have never gone out at night. Wouldn't even think about it. & I live in a very rural area. As it is, I do all my hunting at old homesteads, usually alone, but I always have my pistol with me, or at least some pepper spray. I also stop at road cuts to look for nice mineral pieces. & even tho it's broad daylight, I feel uncomfortable. It's sad we have to be so alert to these thugs, but if we are prepared, I think it makes a difference.
    I rely on my intuition a lot. if it doesn't feel right, I go on my merry way.
    Happy hunting,
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