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  • What turtle shell have you been hiding under, just cleaning out my voice mails and forgot all about your message. Not much time on the hunt lately, all work no play. I am picking up a zodiak this week so I can get up in to some new areas where my big boat cant get into. I bought a big 10 X 14 coil in December but only got it wet once.

    Have a Goombay lol .... do they even say that anymore over there? Goombay smash used to be the big drink of the Bahamas, it retains the same color when you puke it up the next day LOl.
    (Best place to look for wrecks)I am also looking at area's where possible survivors would bury a little loot as well. I look at old maps and compare them to google earth to try and reconstruct what the shoreline looked like 200 - 300 years ago. My theory is prior to abandoning ship one may grab enough gold to buy their way back home or just salvage something before the ship sinks. Other possibilities once stranded some treasure may have been salvaged buried but never recovered (duh LOL). Along my coast if you made it to shore you had one option and that was to make it back to the Yucatan Peninsula. Although you might keep some gold for all practical reasons I would assume they would bury what ever you could not reasonable carry with you facing such a long and hostile journey.
    I have one pass that I'm working the heck out of, it's one of the oldest passes next to Boca Grande Pass SW Florida. I'll try and look around Long Island area tonight and do some comparing.

    Hi Kevin
    I see that youa re going to be in Nassau some point. Come see me please, because you do not want to run afoot of the law.
    You are welcome in TNet
    Hi to all,
    I am about to move to southern Long Island in the Bahamas from Nassau and plan to spend a considerable amount of my time searching for shipwrecks ( the treasure being in the searching not necessarily the finding) I am planning to research a good underwater metal detector, a good salvage industry buddy of mine recommended a pulse which I will look at.
    I look forward to looking into the website and tracking down all the relevant posts in this part of the world
    All the best
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