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  • Hi Max hope your well. Wondering if your still selling MD's on this forum. Haven't noticed you listed any longer. Have a friend that is wanting one if you still are. Thanks John Roach
    Hi, Rick from Canonsburg. I checked out this site after talking with you on the phone. Hope your feeling better.
    I got the parts yesterday -tested LCD today everything working Thank You !
    Is there any place to live feedback for you ? ( posted RPL in Jim42 thread about your service ) let me know . Thank you
    I know this is probably a bit of a dumb question, but here goes...
    Last August you had a used XP Deus up for sale. It didn't look like it sold. Still got it for sale by any chance? Thanks! - Russ
    Do you still have the Whites V3i?
    I have a Mark 1 ltd on a whites handle
    Compass X-100
    Compass XP Pro plus
    XLT for parts...
    looking for a christmas present for myself and was wondering if you have any decent upgrades from my fisher f2? I was eyeballing the ML xterras but am open to any good deals.
    would you be willing to trade an etrac for cash and a whites vx3, perfect condition?
    Would you take 900.00 for the e-trac if I pick it up. I live in Zelienople. Also how old is the e-trac and SE Pro.....any warranty? I have good feed back on archery talkalot
    get any detectors in yet, and are you the one advertising on craigslist as max in pittsburgh?
    Hi Max--
    Last week you mentioned you have a Tiger Shark. Do you still have it, and if so will you fill me in on the details?
    Duncan (aka Bad Wolf)
    Have a Sorex Pro with 2 coils. A Eagle Spectrum with 950 coil. Eagle Pro with 2-3 coils (need to check on that!) Looking for an XP Deus, T-2 (black, upgraded model only!) F-75 (LTD, upgraded model only!) Consider GMT The trade is not for all 3 of my detectors! But, will consider offers on any combination. Thanks, Big Red
    Hi Max, Im in need of a coil for my Safari. Mine just went bad on me a couple of weeks ago. Would like to get an 11" Pro coil so if you have one or see one let me know. Thanks JR
    Max you buddy came through the pro Pointer showed up today in NEW and great shape Thanks a lot for steering me to him and his great deals.
    Or, instead of the Sov GT, I will offer to trade a brand new in the box, as received from the Garrett, AT-Pro with the 8.5"x 11" Pro-coil, coil cover, and Garrett headphones (not the submersible ones), and a set of batteries. Detector, of course is with full warranty.
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