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  • I'm on Medical Leave since February 26th, due to restrictions that my doctor placed for me so I wouldn't have to work mandatory Over Time but she did it so well that my employer couldn't accommodate me so placed me on Medical Leave. Waiting for a desk job but will go to a different doctor for a 2nd Opinion so I can return to work. Been waiting for the water to warm up as the only metal detecting i can do is water hunting in chest deep water. Lower legs aren't much good for land hunting anymore.
    Started writing my 8th book on Forts sites in Virginia. Maybe ready by Fall if I keep at it.

    I know the feeling. It was nice to have the rain, but then its just been too dang muggy. Wont be too long until its cooler though, so we can get out and do some digging. If the old machine is working, Id just stick with it unless you really want to spend money. You can always go back over the area. I know when I sent my V3i in for work, I used my old 5900 and found things in the same area as I had been going over. I don't think any metal detector is perfect, so thinking a state of the art MD will find anything is just keeping you from finding it all. Just my .02 on the matter. Just have fun with the old machine :) As for me, I have not been out much in the past couple of months due to vacation and house work.
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We Dig Metal Detectors

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