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  • Hey I think I have narrowed down the original Stump Pass, It was moved by the A.C.O.E around the turn of the century. I have a feeling if there is anything under the sand it would be in that area not the new Stump Pass. I am talking with a welder about building a mailbox for my 250HP outboard but not sure what sort of results I would get because I think that any buried goodies are in the 30ft depth? I am going to do some overlays tonight and see what I can find.
    I'll keep you posted of my results.

    Salvor6, I have been studying where hurricanes have sank ships from the 1900's to present and I have an idea where there could be maybe a few wrecks laying in waters that a nitrox diver could feasibly reach if your interested. Like everyone else keyword theory LOL.

    Have a good,
    Dennis, Englewood Fla.
    Hi Salvor6, I live on the Suwannee River. I remember you stated you knew Frank Hudson. I'm researching a wreck Frank wrote about in one of his books.Is there any possible way you could help direct me in my search .

    Yes need to find something close to home I agree, I will call you soon I have some ideas also we can get that beer.
    I have a question don't know if you know anybody, im looking for any used magnetometer in the area i allway check ebay but nothing i can buy a new jw fisher pluse 10 but tring to save a little $$$$, if you know of anything let me know, Ryan 727-831-4669, i work in pinellas park and live in baypine area so im close buy.
    Hi Salvor6, I would like to ask permission the use the cookout photos you posted to put together a video montage for Tom.

    Bernie C.
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