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  1. Hi..

    HI ... This is sanddigger So were are the coins every one is finding ? I look on YOUTUBE and every one find Coins ? I live on Long Island > I DON;T Find Notting I go night day !
  2. Hunter

    what Strange ? were is all the people ?
  3. Hunter

    WERE IS Everyone Go ? I see No One in the park no one at the beach were is evey one ?
  4. Treaure

    This is old sanddigger, I an Looking for a club on long island NY it look like there is none ! were dose everone go to do some Detecting ?
  5. SO were are the club ?

    well , No one can tell me were there is a Club , on Long Island NY ?
  6. metal club

    I want to get in to a CLUB BUT Were on Long Island ?:hello2:
  7. Treaure

    yes a metal detecing club.
  8. Treaure

    HI , aii can any one tell me were there is a culb ?
  9. Long Island Treasure Hunters Club (Pattchouge )

    HI my name is Joe. I went to the club sometime ago it was nice. Question is it still here ?
  10. New York !

    HI Can anyone tell me were you can hunt or any good site ?Treasure Hunt I Live on Long Island Thanks Joe
  11. Beach hunting Florida

    SO IF you have to park ! you are paying to walk the , BEACH ...
  12. Beach hunting Florida

    HI YOU have to PAY $$$$ to Walk THE BEACH ! NOT FREE LIKE in NY NJ !
  13. Looks on the beach

  14. The $12,500 Metal Detector

    THIS IS A JOKE RIGHT ? Sanddigger