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  • Hi Dennis
    Thanks for the friend request !...and i`m doing fine buddy,hope you are too.
    So no marbles in school for your grandson...this country seems to be run by a pack of wolves,with no end in sight .
    Well i`m sure glad the spring might be here..with that long cold winter i think a lost a marble or two.
    Hope you are doing well with your health problems,and hope you have a good 2014 season.
    Hello 49er12,
    Glad to hear from you. Thanks for.the compliment foo. I just try to help when I can as when I started out three was no body to ask questions from. We have to do more than beat our chests about the SECOND AMENDMENT. We have to let our legislative branch know where we stand.
    Hey sandman you offer a grand view of detecting information to all of us appreciate it, as you no information is invaluable. Oh by the way stay vigilant to the 2nd amendment, not this wild west government that take your civil liberties away you understand.
    Hi Sandman,

    I sent you a friend request. I'd like to follow your metal detecting adventures and thought this would be a good way.

    Thanks, CB
    Hi Sandman. Ray here. Been a while. Wanted to ask your input on The Tesoro Sand shark and other beach units that you'd recomend for dry sand and wet sand hunting. Terry Solomon has mentioned to me a few times about the sandshark. I dont run pulse units. My favorite goto unit has been the BH300 for a few years now. as far as the dry sand in concerned .I'll take a vaquero or golden umax with the notch and find jewelry with . Just wanting to see your opinion on water units goes? Also I thought minelab was doing away with the excal? or was that the soverign gt?
    I don't know what the mods will do, depends if it is copyrighted and someone complains. Take care.
    Hey Sandman, I have been having a friendly debate about the AT Pro on the AT Haters thread. I just pulled the Kellyco ad banner for AT Pro and used it as my signature, lol. Find what your looking for it says lol. As seen on diggers.....loool. I wonder if the mods will let me keep it.
    The van thing sure sounds like fun. I may have to hobo too. I haven't crushed any vertebra yet or slipped a disc. But it will happen. Might as well keep going at it while I can.
    Yes I think the water would be better for me, less strain on my back. Even with diet and exercise, I am still gaining weight. It goes up and down for now. I do envy the guys who hunt water. I have been having chest pains off and on, and not sure if its weak lung wall or indigestion.
    hi Dennis
    I haven`t chated with you in a while...hope you are well and things are going your way.
    I got rid of the Tek G2 what a piece of **** i got cough up in all the found every little piece of meta in the ground ...drove me crazy...traded for a Tek Omega much better for my needs.
    your friend Gary
    Kelly I think you have me confused with someone else. You can buy dirt that the seller says has gold in it, but if it had any at all they wouldn't sell it. Don't shop for dirt.
    Thanks for the tip about buying paydirt...I almost spent all my money to take a chance to hit the jackpot from Felix! So where does one find gold flake to buy? I live in Utah and there is gold here, I just cant find anyone to be my partner...I have heavy equipment to use as well:) Thanks Kelly
    Hi Sandman.
    I am new here and I want to buy Garrett AT Pro, but I heard that some of them have issues. I see that you had the same issue. could you tell me please how to avoid these detectors, I mean where I can get a good one?
    thank you.
    Hey Neighbor in Oakland County in Michigan, I in St.Clair mi and doing research for my 1st detector -
    Your not being a pest......The Quattro is still a fine detector and Minelab I am told still has parts and will fix them. I don't remember what coils it takes but you can contact Minelab and ask.
    hay there sand man,what about a mine lab quattro what do you know about that detector I know they don't make it any more but will mine lab fix it,and how big of a coil will that take thanks sandman I hope I'm not being a pest....
    Any of the land units with the same size coil. The Tesoro's would be lots lighter too. I had an opportunity to test the 6000 against a CZ6a and the Fisher beat it for depth even with the 6000 on Max. We are talking of 3 inches measured in sand for a ring and the 6000 didn't make a sound from any direction. But the CZ-6a puts out two frequencies at once.
    hay sand man, it's me liftloop all a side what's your take on a sovereign Elite any good are they a deep seeking detector like a 5900 and how big of a coil can be put on the thing are they expensive to fix when they go batty. hope thing are going good for you you seem the guy to go to on mine lab and tesoro or what detector for deep float copper I'm looking at a 6000 di pro.
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