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  • Hello,my name is Mel. my son works in Walterboro as a investigator.ive been a MD lover, and now he's taken a liking to it! Id love to have you as a friend, perhaps learn from one another. P, i also worked for colleton County Sheriffs Office as a jailer, things didnt work out, too much political stuff with Sheriff malone and all just for beginners, anyways, id love to learn from you and find some good stuff! Mel Braun
    What part of south Carolina are you? I have a house in surf side. Thanks for the comment on my son finding the 1850 large cent. He was excited to see the people were reading the post. I lived in lugoff back in the 80'S. And work for a company out of Columbia. Really like s.c. Happy hunting.
    Yea im still fresh into it...its hard to get permission to search and aggravating lol but nice to meet u Randy best of luck to u.
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