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  1. Greetings from Ukraine, or search on ours.

    awesome ground y'all have. The Khazar sword, the axes...magnifique.
  2. 🥇 BANNER Finally one of my white whales. 1652 3 pence

    White whale is a great term. Use it too. congrats.
  3. 🥇 BANNER Massachusetts Militia!!!!!!

    Gorgeous piece
  4. My first Gold Ring!

    ya got one. good on ya. :thumbsup:
  5. Sand scoop, what to buy??

    9" stainless steel Stealth Extreme scoop Dan, I can part with my 9" stainless steel Stealth Extreme scoop. It's made by sunspot. check out their website. These are indestructible, and have a lifetime warranty, free repair or replace, most durable scoop you can buy. (They also will fix any metal...

    nope. soldered joint gets brittle and gives out. See it all the time, often when you handle it a bit or try to round the shank.
  7. The Potato Field - Day 3 - Hammered & 16th-17th C GOLD RING.......

    3 Lions Passant was high status to say the least. It was reserved for the Royal successors of King Richard I...until 1340. If the ring were made later...that would be interesting.
  8. avatar I was contracted to find big diamond ring lost in water on South Beach Posted

    finally got a video link.
  9. 🥇 BANNER Holy cow I can't believe I found 1798 US SILVER

    what a gorgeous coin. congratulations.
  10. stolen ctx 3030

    Last week, my ctx 3030 with 6" and 11" coil and aa battery pack was stolen. The main unit's Serial#40446609632. It was pretty scuffed up, and there's a line in the screen, and silicon grease under the USB cap. Minelab has been alerted and they have the serial #. If this machine comes on your...
  11. Biplane sterling vesta match safe

    awesome find. Early flight, hard to beat that. It's probably a close copy of a real plane. Maybe local area records, like newspapers, would have a story about it; that graphic is probably a record of an actual very early flight in that area. Putting it all together would be a trip, and in...
  12. 🥇 BANNER Unique early Silversmith Cross

    Terrific. I like it a lot.
  13. When a Community Yard Sale spans the community

    I'm in your cesspool area, and have hit a few times at church's, most notably quite recently.
  14. Update on my gold rings! My oldest ring!

    gorgeous pieces.