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  • Digstock was kind of a bust for me, did see some cool stuff dug by others but weather ended trip early. There was one quick beach hunt but Topsail Beach,NC was recently dredged so no luck there so focusing on re-hunting local spots with my new machine (Legend) that I've hit hard before with other machines.
    Super busy with caring for my Dad as of late but heading to Digstock V in North Carolina next week then hitting some beaches on way home so hopefully getting on some colonial then jewelry, we'll see, God bless happy hunting ya'll!
    Buried my mother three days ago kind of in a fog but trying to get posting again life goes on got to honor her with a Smithsonian caliber find that would be nice :)
    Scrapped my 2022 precious and had enough to buy a Nokta Legend which I turned on for a half hour one day and found a couple dollars in clad and a watch fob so good start! Excited to bring it to Virginia Beach this summer. Season is over here ten weeks of no digging except maybe an afternoon here and there so concentrating on electrolysis of colonial iron and artifact restoration from the 2022 year.
    Finally got my Mother into an awesome care facility (Parkinson's so she absolutely needs it) which frees up my time considerably, bittersweet of course but relief is tangible in this house!
    I'm primary caregiving for my folks now (both handicapped) so do not have to run the rat race anymore but it is very time consuming, so I get in spurts of hunts when the day nurse/caregiving helpers are here so kind of sporadic treasure hunting now. If it takes a long time for me to respond to posts I'm sorry just get pulled away from internet often and cannot immediately return.
    I now live in Northern Virginia (NOVA) so will be tailoring my hunts accordingly. More civil war and colonial woods hunts in winter, Potomac river treasure hunting/snorkling in summer should be good!
    Just got settled into the Colorado life and my mother's health took a turn so heading back to Virginia. I will not be able to post for a while due to being busy with the move. When I can come up for air I will be in Northern Virginia in the autumn (perfect time to enter the deep woods for some civil war digging) so some good hunts to come! God bless ya'll and happy hunting!
    So thinking water hunting in the rivers/creeks in this part of colorado is not going to happen at all this year due to flooding conditions at the claim I have access to so going to try a swimbeach this week sometime keep ya'll posted
    Going to water hunt a swim beach at a state park tomorrow with the snorkle mask but I have no sandscoop, a first for me we will see how it goes. BTW it will be 105 degrees today in Delta, CO where I will be detecting. Hoping Gold is in my future. Take care Godbless.
    Going to hit a few parks today, water still cold and high for getting onto the claim .....getting on silver lately gotta love gold though, champing at bit to get into water.
    Water restrictions lead me to a lay-off on my gardening job so back to being unemployed; oh well more time to treasure hunt, kinda switching it up to park hunting in hopes of finding gold I can sell for rent money while I wait for responses to my applications.
    Back to full time employment, my BLM casual use placer mining paperwork has been approved so when I can find time I'm going to post some prospecting shots/relic hunting with detector/river snorkling on species creek later in the summer. Happy hunting yall gonna be awhile before I'm going to have time to dig any holes so be safe and find killer stuff so I can geek on your finds!
    Going to go to a campsite area that just opened for the year on Monday, hope it's loaded with clad and jewelry as it's a 'river beach' site and have had luck there in the past.
    Working on BLM paperwork so I can get on our club's gold claim, temperatures are still below freezing in Telluride at night so probably be some time before I can get into the water but am going to water hunt/river snorkel for the relics the other gold seekers have lost in the past (people have been panning this area since 1870s) this summer.
    New permission hunt on Saturday April 2nd, huge ca 1909 field site lots of detectors involved should have some cool pics of that hunt coming next week. In meantime going to get into a little park hunting which isn't my usual MO but starting to like finding jewelry as well as historic so expanding my horizons I suppose (also digging tons of pulltabs but par for course in park hunting). Take care all.
    Trying to fit in as much adventure as I can handle before returning to full time work in May (I'm a gardener in a resort town) so may try to metal detect under some ski lifts this summer and will have access to a gold claim and a ghost town nearby so hopefully can squeeze in some bottle digging and water metal detecting too. God bless take care find stuff!
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