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  • hi guy, well, my wife who controls the money says i can spend up to 50g for one last trip to the sups. im going adit hunting. i need someone to tag along, no money needed. if yer interested my email is yeah, an older guy. im safe,sound and pure of heart just out fer one more adventure. im gonna read up on more supposed adit entrance locations.
    yeah, i know. been out there a few thousand hours. i need to buy some firearms or ship a few hand guns of mine out there along with the rpvs air and ground. im not rich. my stuff is quality homemade. im really lookin fer adits this time. we all know they exist. i should buy a personal man lifting quadcopter huh. whew. scary. oh well.
    Im game! Itā€™s winter, letā€™s roll! I have many things that make the ā€œPow-Powā€ noise, some that make those sounds really really fast & quite. šŸ˜‡ I have quads & a new 4x4, 4-door CanAm side by side w/ A/C & heat. Im not sure if any type of motorized equipment can enter these places tho.
    Partner as defined below:
    Friend, someone to watch out other for safety reasons! That type Partner.

    Not the BrokeBack Mountain or Shady Rest Stop Type a Partner! I just wanted to throw that out there. Lol.
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