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  1. Low spot hunting again....Any Gold hiding out in there ??

    Enjoyed watching the video look forward to the next hh!
  2. Day two at the beach with At Pro

    Nice finds. Is that a chunk of melted aluminum? I found a piece like that last time I went to the beach.
  3. Eastern Porker

    I've only seen one in the wild and it was in colorado out by pagosa springs. Came within 4 or 5 feet and kept going. Great picture!
  4. First finds with t2

    I always did everything u never know if that pt hit will be gold
  5. Have you ever encountered shady people while hunting alone?

    I was hunting in Oceanside north of sandiego and had a group if crack heads try to sell me crack and car air freshners the little tree ones. And then another time a homeless guy pulled a knife on me bc I wouldn't give him another cigarette on the joys of hunting in the ghetto
  6. Detector For The Grand Kids //

    i have a bounty hunter elite 2200 and i love it still new to everything but im finding tons of stuff! hh from san diego
  7. im lost

    welcome! i get lost all the time, but it always leads to good hunting grounds most of the time! good luck and welcome from sunny sandiego
  8. Just a squirrel looking for a nut in Cali

    welcome from sunny san diego, california! i'm always trying to hit the beach as often as possible, if your ever interested in meeting up and don't mind me being pretty new to metal detecting then send me a message hh and good luck!
  9. How old are you?

    i am 26
  10. Hello From Sunny California

    If anybody is in the sandiego county area is interested in meeting up and hunting the beach send me a message, I'm always looking for good company out there
  11. Hello From Sunny California

    Welcome I'm in the sandiego north county area welcome aboard!
  12. Any Metal Detectorist here in phoenix and Arizona ?

    I used to live in Phoenix but I live in San Diego let me know how you do
  13. Jewelry

    I've heared it's more common to find jewelry at the beach is this true?
  14. hi new member here from san diego, ca

    Thank everybody for the warm welcome! I'm slowly but surely learning the ropes, and every time I go hunting in finding more and more coins! I'm curious where so you all prefer to hunt the beach parks or both?