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  1. Gold rush buckle and more.

    Amazing find & congratulations. Let me know when your ready to take other MD’ers to that spot ?
  2. Could this be a trade ring?

    Very nice find. Someone here will be able to help you out. Also welcome to T-net, we look forward to seeing your future post. seabees
  3. Farm finds

    Thank you & Thank you for taking the time. Much appreciated Seabees
  4. Farm finds

    Thank you for the relies, the pics don’t really show it but the cap has a hole through it, that’s what’s got me puzzled. Also on the second one I’ve been asking around and another guess would be possible sheep bell ?
  5. Farm finds

    Got permission from an old farm dating back to the early 1900?s. Wondering if you could help me out on these items. Seabees
  6. Got old dog tags?

    Searching on an old ranch house dating from the 1930’s and torn down around the 1970’s I got permission on. I would like to know if this might be the oldest in Humboldt county or if you have any additional info on it. Thanks in advance, seabees
  7. No more metal shovels or scoops in mytle beach South Carolina

    Well it?s a good thing Were all professional. Looks like we?ll have the place all to ourselves :laughing7:
  8. California Roll Call

    A true Northern Californian (Eureka, Ca). I go for all of it, so I guess I don’t discriminate. Heres a pic of last week at the beach with a 3’ cut (not sure why it’s upside down)
  9. Arizona Overlay

    Thanks for the leg work. I’ll have to save this one for the next time I’m in AZ (June)
  10. 50 tones or no?

    5 tones on any setting for me. 50 tones was way to much for me.
  11. Going to be in Nevada for a day Post your finds & Good luck Owen. seabees.....
  12. Hello from Western Washington

    Welcome to T-net, you will find a wealth of knowledge here. You are in a good area of the state. There are a lot of good hunters in the area that can give you good advice. We look forward to seeing your finds. -seabees
  13. 1 gram weekend

    Very nice Color. I’m looking for that same stuff on the westside of the state
  14. Meteorite? Found in the woods

    I believe meteorites are magnetic
  15. Found in Utah desert

    What was the VDI on that ? and how much did you get for it at the scrape yard ?