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  1. WTB: Whites Eagle Spectrum, Whites XLT or Fisher Coinstrike/ ID Edge.

    Spectrum XLT..... Heres a real beauty.....less the headphones,and the charger. (just the double AA battery pack) ,but extremely clean. 325.00 shipped. Just checked out from whites in sweethome Oregon.
  2. I found a 1792 penny on.....

    Thanx Matt, Ya learn somthing NEW every day''
  3. I found a 1792 penny on.....

    an Auction site that sold for 1Million bucks....Unfreaken believable'' ,and why were only 100 of these made??... ( 1 of 100 )
  4. Garrett SUCKS!!!

    You may walk a little funny,but you can always stick it where the sun don't shine...Of course thats just my opinion. (I hope this Sarcasim finds you in good spirits)
  5. quick 2 hour Hunt this morning

    It looks like the finds of a Minelab Exterra 305.....? Is that the detector you used for this Hunt? That would explain the straight metal objects. I'd like too see what the XS-2 Pro could do ? I've always wanted 1 of those...HH.
  6. quick 2 hour Hunt this morning

    Nice going Jeff, I myself just got out of the VA Hospital Here in Roseburg,Oregon. ...Just in case you missed me :)
  7. New to Forum. Great find today!

    I did'nt know they even made walking Halfs in 1998 ?....Who knew'' From 1 newbie to 2 the Next....Congradds..HH.
  8. Under The Bridge...

    Anybody actually ever met a Troll ? :laughing9: Besides finding shopping carts, and Needles Condoms..etc,etc, You will find tons of forgotten wishs, Underneath those dark wet muddy Bridges. I stake my Surf PI on it'', and my Whites DFX 300...You want to find silver? Then go get SOME...(food for...
  9. Customising your Beach Detector...

    Chatter??? Thats odd'' Whens the last time you had it checked out? Thats very unusuall, Your Headphones might be getting Squeel Squak...ever heard that term before? Its Condensation ,believe it or not it happends alot (especially with Whites) I know how to fix that problem...PM me, I'll give...
  10. Too Much Sun & Fun

    Nice finds Bigscoop,, we here, on the west coast are'nt so takes alot longer to find good finds like that,not as many summer beaches, unless of course you live in central cally or more southern. Hoppfully I can post some pics of my finds tomorrow, HH. see you on the beach''
  11. #2

    The ''LORD'' of the rings... I would add this Quote to your Avatar,,If I were you'' Goodluck'' HH. (see you on the beach)
  12. Met Gary Drayton from Florida and his friend Tony

    No kidding....Can't wait too read, Thanx. HH.
  13. Customising your Beach Detector...

    OK'' call me different, but I can't stand looking like everybody else, My detector has got tobe 1 of a kind"" I've re-couped 7 of these so far...its EZ, anybody can do it. I got the Idea from a guy in Southern Cal. Goodluck All,,See you on the beach'' HH. PS....Food for thought :-)
  14. Fossils ans One Point

    I had no Ide'r there were nice fossils tobe found In ""IOWA""
  15. First time out with new detector