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  1. Having issues deciphering this.

    I have been working on this and it seems that I can't come up with anything concrete. I'd like to brainstorm and see what this forum can think of as well. Begin it where warm waters halt, And take it in the canyon down, Not far, but too far to walk, Put in below the home of Brown.
  2. Need advice on Brand/model of Detector

    I'd say under $500 is affordable and any type of detecting. I would like a Jack of all trades type of detector. Maybe one that can detect precious metals with some accuracy.
  3. Need advice on Brand/model of Detector

    After years long hiatus from this site, I have found myself back! Now that I have returned and Christmas is approaching, I have come with a query to the most informed treasure hunters on the interwebs. What brand/model of a detector should I ask for Christmas? I would like to get the best...
  4. Forrest Fenn s treasure

    Waiting for my copy of The Thrill of the Chase. Gonna join all of you for the hunt. Man, I'm excited.
  5. Treasure Clue, can you help?

    Yep, all prizes have been redeemed for some years now! lol Almost as many years as I have been out of the mix of the ACTH community. Getting started again on a couple of hunts.... soon!
  6. A Puzzle for you all to play with...

    Looks like Ogham a'la The Guardian's Amulet. Wonder if this is the only one out there? Haven't seen the image before, at the 'other site', Jason. ~The Rainbow Warrior Scout~
  7. ScrollQuest $50,000 Winners

    Just wanted to congratulate the ladies on their victory! The amazingly funny thing is, I was slated to meet Jason in Harper's Ferry later in the year as I was on a 'quest' of sorts. LOL I guess I should have gotten to work harder on that Scroll, eh? The Rainbow Warrior Scout
  8. Have you heard of this?

    LMAO! I had totally forgotten that I had posted about this way back when! The little updater has been sending me messages recently, so I check it out, and voila! LOL Captain Z., thanks for the laughs man! I'm not worried a bit that you think I am the same person as SdGrist or Lamar. The...
  9. Maranatha Puzzle -- Et in Arcadia Ego

    That's what I was thinking too, at first. But the more you get involved with this hunt, the murkier the waters get! It is really hard to know which direction to take certain things, but isn't that the fun? ;) I'm glad to see you joined us in this hunt. May the Truth be known! ~The Rainbow...

    Re: * ATTENTION THOSE WITH THE "ATT: COMPANION BOOK" * Thanks CMS! I already found what it was I was looking for. It is called the Voynich Manuscript, named after the Frenchman who owned it a while ago. I found it when looking up unsolved ciphers through google! LOL I appreciate the help...

    * ATTENTION THOSE WITH THE "ATT: COMPANION BOOK" * I haven't had the book for some time now and need some info from it. In the Companion Book there mention *and pictures* of a book that has NEVER even been cracked, and is supposedly ancient. It is written in an unknown language and has pictures...
  12. Maranatha Puzzle -- Et in Arcadia Ego

    Well everyone, I found my new puzzle with lots of money on the line! $1, 823, 710.00 to be somewhat exact! I know there was already a small thread done on this, but it was under Stadther's Treasure Trove sticky, and this has nothing to do with him. My book is ordered *only costs $14.95, from the...
  13. Treasure Clue, can you help?

    One last time with some of my old speculation! :P I think that online clue #3 holds the solution to the Pook Token. First, the book only claims to have the answers to 12 tokens. Second, the first online clue was about Pook (weak, I know :) ). Third, all 12 original tokens have been found, and...
  14. Treasure Clue, can you help?

    Hopperr, Where did you hear about the Beetle being found? ATT hasn't listed it as missing yet. Just curious, so I can see how dumb I was about the solve! :) ~The Rainbow Warrior Scout~
  15. Treasure Clue, can you help?

    you can usually catch Omni in the chat room, but he might be absent with the hurricane and all. ~The Rainbow Warrior Scout~