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  1. I just did the Unthinkable...

    If the Toyota Tacoma had won, you'd be feeling a lot worse. :)
  2. "Steve's" carbon-fiber Equinox shafts, and Equinox and CTX 3030 lower rods, IN STOCK

    Blue Shaft! I just installed Steve's Carbon-Fiber Shaft with counter-weight. It looks so cool! I chose the blue version. Definitely a quality product. Here's a photo comparing the stock Equinox 800 (top) with the version with Steve's shafts (bottom). I can tell already the cam-lock lever...
  3. Five Ring Day

    A 5-ring day....truly an Olympic moment. :)
  4. Do you guys wear gloves while detecting?

    I always wear gloves when metal detecting
  5. Not Right Out Of The Box

    I'm glad to hear the factory reset fixed your issues.
  6. Best sand scoop for hunting in ocean

    That makes sense. It would be easier to drag the shovel if the handle is on the back side. I have the plastic D handle, and I discovered if it is not cranked down tight all the way, the handle can swivel around, to be used on the front or back side as needed.
  7. Best sand scoop for hunting in ocean

    Ok, so it's something I'm going to have to play around with. Why do you have it on the back side? I just placed the D-lift on my handle to get the feel of that, and it seems it works better if it is on the front side. I'm sure you had a good reason. Also, Sunspot threw in a straight bar lift...
  8. Shovel cover for Predator Piranha?

    I have the Piranha, so interested as well. Predator Tools does sell a sheath for this shovel, but the photos on their website weren't good enough to sway me to buy it from them.
  9. Best sand scoop for hunting in ocean

    I just received my 920ix with carbon handle & D-shaped lift assist. This is my first beach scoop. Where the best position on the handle to place the lift assist?
  10. 10 Days Worth of Finds

    All the coins were modern day. One of the rings is Sterling silver.
  11. First day finds with the Equinox 800

    Day 11 I took a little hiatus. I now have a 6-inch coil to try out! I went to areas in the backyard I couldn't easily reach with the 11-inch coil. I also went under my raised deck for the first time. Most of the nails were from under the deck, but I also found an earring there. I found a...
  12. 10 Days Worth of Finds

    My house is over 100 years old, and I'm pretty sure no one has gone over it with a metal detector before.
  13. 10 Days Worth of Finds

    I'm new to metal detecting and recently bought an Equinox 800. Here is what I found in my front and back yard in 10 days with about 15 hours on the detector. Includes 35 coins, 5 rings, lock, car and a golden elephant.