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  1. Major Award! I received today!

    Now that's a cool award and very approperate. You can wear that with pride!!!
  2. Creek Bed Copper and Skull

    Great looking ring!! I think it belongs to the Phantom!!! :o
  3. Last nights 9 coin cache- one of my top moments in this hobby/sport....(long)

    Re: Last night's 9 coin cache- one of my top moments in this hobby/sport....(long) WOW! That's enough to get your heart racing!!!! I'll bet there are more good finds in that same vicinity.... Keep us up to date if you find more!
  4. a Few good finds

    Excellent! Finding those would certainly motivate me also!
  5. bullets

    I hadn't been out detecting for a couple weeks and today's temperature was in the fifties, so it was a fairly good day to go out. I had two places picked out to hunt. When I got to the first one, I saw another treasure hunter had beat me so I went on to the next one. It was a wood chip play area...
  6. Dig Everything????

    Now that's funny! :D :D :D
  7. Double-Barreled finds-- Check-out these pics of a dream hunt

    WOW!!! Just reading about your finds makes me feel good. Just think about all the things that are still there!
  8. Ear Ring with ? stone....

    Here is a pictue of an ear ring that I found last week... Can anyone identify the stone???
  9. Two more pictures...

    Here are the other two pictures that go with my last post....
  10. Finds since my last post...

    A lot has happened since my last post about a month ago. I've found a couple hunting partners that are both members here. I met Dan (Carrotjuice) here on the forum and Dan ran into Erik (Chainletter) one day when Erik was hunting. Anyway the three of us have been out hunting three or four times...
  11. clad and new friends

    It sure is nice to read the stories about the gas and the cottonwood. I really enjoy helping out the older generation... Nothing like making good friends! You guys did great...
  12. little bit of everything

    Congradulations on the IH's. I've only found one in three years of hunting! I'd say you had a pretty good day! When I was in Viet Nam, I was the front machine gunner on a PBR with twin .50 caliber guns. The shell casing looks very familar. Unless someone lost the casing, there should be a lot...
  13. worried

    A couple of months ago, I found the business end of a bullet in a childrens play area. I've found several empty shells before but this was the first time I'd found the bullet.
  14. Strange Silver Pin

    Jer, When I was a kid, I lived in the back country of Va., Tn and Ky. I've had a lot of ticks that attached themselves to me and I never did get any kind of disease.... My grandmother told me NEVER pull a tick out because the head of the critter can seperate and leave the head inside which can...
  15. Last week of finds

    BURRRRRR.... That looks cold. Good looking diamond ear rings! Congradulations on the find! HH