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  • Hello,
    Yes it is. It's a 1947. I started with a clutch hub, a pair of fenders and a box of odds and ends. I then purchased the rest of the parts over a period of five years on Ebay, AMCA swap meets and by word of mouth. That bike has been a lot of fun and I'll bet you feel the same way. Ever ride the Blue Ridge Parkway? My wife and I took a trip out east a year ago. We started out at Gettysburg then went south to Harpers Ferry and on to the Parkway. It's some nice country for sure.
    Hi Sidevalve45, It is a 1948 Chief that i restored with a lot of help from a friend from a basket case that hadn't run since the 50s. I take it you are riding a Harley 45? Where are you located. I'm near Martinsville VA.
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