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  1. Elizabeth 1st Hammered Coin

    Bit slow mate,but should start picking up this month.🙂
  2. Elizabeth 1st Hammered Coin

    Hello everybody. Not been on for a while but I’m still getting out occasionally with the XP. Had this lovely little Elizabeth 1st three farthings, this coin has had its rose and date removed in antiquity to pass as a 1 penny. Seems like there were rouge’s about in those days to🤣🤣 SS
  3. Edward 1st Hammered Coins

    Doubt I will have to hand them in, especially the FLO are not taking items in due to Covid concerns.
  4. Edward 1st Hammered Coins

    Hello everybody, my first post for quite a while. I’m not doing as much detecting as I use to due to arthritis in my knees which makes it difficult. But today managed a good few hours on a old site and had the most hammered coins I’ve had in a session. I think they are all Edward 1st pennies and...
  5. Carp Fishing

    :hello: I have been doing a lot of carp fishing the last few years, fishing a local syndicate and getting a few of the bigger fish.:icon_thumleft: SS
  6. Extra day off

    No my friend.... far from it, it's running amok I'm afraid. SS
  7. Ad's

    :headbang: Thanks TH, done it and there gone now.:occasion14: SS
  8. Ad's

    :hello2: Just come back to Treasurenet after a break, but I must say the Ad's..... there doing my head in.. :laughing7::laughing7: there a way to get rid.:laughing7: SS
  9. Coin From The Anarchy..King Stephen 1096/1154

    :hello: Yes your correct, I couldn't get enough detecting four years ago the thing that killed my passion was finding a site that had a unrecorded roman villa on it, my friend and I detected it for seven years straight and when it stopped giving up it's secrets, I lost the passion probably...
  10. Coin From The Anarchy..King Stephen 1096/1154

    Hi Cru:thumbsup: The cut half came from the same field and area from where I found the Earl Henry of Northumberland another coin from the civil war period, think there is a connection because its possibly a crossing point. During the battle of the standards a large army crossed the river Tees...

    :hello: Yes that's correct.. SS
  12. Extra day off

    Stunning pictures.:icon_thumright: SS
  13. Coin From The Anarchy..King Stephen 1096/1154

    :hello: I have not been on Treasurenet for a long time, to be honest lost a bit of passion for the detecting but I thought I might show you a first for me that I found last time out back in August. The cut half coin is that of King Stephen from the time of the Anarchy in English history...
  14. Metal Working Site - HAMMERED & The Hare & The Fly...

    Yes I pop back in to TNet from time to time, I will always be around and hope to do some more detecting after the virus buggers off:laughing9: I actually spoke to one of my farmers and he was ok with me going on his land, but reading the news this morning I think the lockdown is going to get...
  15. Metal Working Site - HAMMERED & The Hare & The Fly...

    Great day's detecting:headbang: There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding social distancing, and while I agree being out in the middle of no where detecting seems reasonable, but the police are stopping folks from going out in there car to a quiet spot for daily exercise:icon_scratch...