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  1. What state are you in?

    Alabama---WAR EAGLE
  2. Poll: coin roll hunters

    no i dont have any ink
  3. Where are Silver Cop and Golden Silver??

    i am still here every now and then. i usually read the post a few times a week but i dont sign in. i had to reset my password just now because i forgot it. i still hunt some just not as much. i think i just was not in the mood to post since rich hartford passed away. spent hours back and...
  4. meteorite recovery from your homes downspouts?

    meteorite recovery from your home's downspouts? ok i am a little green and dont know much about meteorite hunting. that said i would like to ask a question. i have seen this method addressed in a few threads but i still would like to know more about how to do it. i was reading about...
  5. silvercop

    yea i have not logged in in a while. i just come here about once a week now

    yea i have not logged in in a while. i just come here about once a week now
  6. Obediahs back finds r way down though

    hey obe glad to see you back over here. i don't post much over here anymore but i do read the posts everyday. still not hunting any. might test the waters in a few weeks. hope you are on the silver
  7. Do you see your Mark??

    i have gotten tons of those aunt chalia's easy st cafe. got a whole box of them once.
  8. 4 enders on todays first box of two!! Pic included!! Guess how many

    silver looks like nothing else. after a while your eye will be good enough to pick it up.
  9. collectible coins on some HSN type channel

    those coin shows on tv are fun to watch but i refuse to pay the inflated prices. back when i had dish tv i could watch a coin show every night. my favorite was ol john binns. wonder if he is still around. also liked robert chambers. learned alot about coins but i never bought anything from...
  10. Anyone deal with sun trust bank in Florida.

    suntrust banks around here won't sell you any rolls or change if you don't have an account. tellers ask right off. i always answer yes even if i don't. suntrust is the only one i have run up against that will check. they checked me and said sorry i don't see you have an account here. i said...
  11. cool find _*~_*~_*~PICTURES_*~_*~_*~

    funny thing about those bills is they wont mark right if you use one of those fake bill detectors. was at wally world once and all the cashiers were gathered around looking at a bill. had to ask them what was up and they said somebody just came in and passed a phoney bill. i looked at it and it...
  12. What if we buy from a bank Silver coins at face and were stolen?

    i will give you my opinion since you asked. just keep in mind that my opinion is based on alabama law. state laws can vary greatly. 1) if you bought the coins from the bank you could not be charged with receiving stolen property or possession of stolen property. 2) in alabama the victim of a...
  13. APMEX

    APMEX is A-1. at least call and get a quote. you will probably have to set up an account online before they will talk to you but it is no big deal. i have sold to them several times and they are easy to deal with and send out payments fast. i usually deal with trey, try and ask for him.
  14. 4 Boxes of Halves- Dream Box!

    nice. i have not seen a box that good in almost 2 years :icon_thumright:
  15. Alabama CRH "Virgin"

    Re: Alabama CRH "Virgin" i hope i am wrong too. i have never searched your area so i can't give you any personal experience stories, however i do hunt the florida panhandle a few times a year and i have never had any luck there. when i have been in your area i have noticed many mom and pop...