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  1. 🥇 BANNER Still Shaking...1662 Massachusetts Oak Tree Twopence

    Fantastic coin donald_hale1969. When did you find it? What's the back story?
  2. Rev War Kings Orange Rangers and Cut 8 Real

    Holy had a great hunt. I would love to find a cut's on my list, but haven't swung my coil over one yet. BTW- the design on that button is really neat. Big congrats!
  3. Saturday's and Sunday's finds

    That's a nice, varied collection of finds. Well done.
  4. 1798 LC

    Great detail on the LC. I like your nature pic too!
  5. Got out for a few finds today

    Your efforts paid off. love the button!
  6. First hunt of 2022...first gold of 2022

    Nice going Casper-2. I give you a ton of credit for getting out there. The water around here is still freeeeeezing. I don't think I would last 5 minutes. Congrats on the gold ring!
  7. New site with early coppers and a unusual US Large Cent

    What a great site. Congrats! Hope there is more to uncover!
  8. Possibly Spanish treasure symbols??

    I would tend to go along with pepperj's assessment . Intersting though...
  9. Crazy button find, Haitian Phoenix button!

    That's a really great button. Thanks for adding the link with its history. Fun read.
  10. Are there findings converted in pieces of art? YES, here are mines.

    You have some real talent there! Well done.
  11. 102 F, Very old findings (1855-1904), Beers again, tons of water , GOOd Hunting day

    A cold beer after a long day of detecting....nothing better!
  12. My best day for gold!

    Nothing better than unearthing some gold. Well done.
  13. 1797 cartwheel penny, ornate watch, fab?

    I'm guessing that coin blew out your ear drums when you went over it. Nice going!
  14. Vintage Class Ring

    That's an awfully nice class ring. Well done on the Barber too!
  15. Early 1800's Coins Everywhere !

    You certainly get points for taking advantage of that particular situation. Some nice old coins there!