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  1. X35 Program For

    Thanks guys I was or am being lazy LOL I thought there might be something to try and will do the above asap....I also for got to mention the coins have been so close to the surface, I am amazed, like and inch or 2 at most down..... Jim
  2. X35 Program For

    Silver coins and few relics in a non trashy area BUT there is tons of shell casings and lead (bullets) around.... What do you figure would be best? I tried messin with Fast but I get the same signal tone for casings and coins...... Any ideas? Jim
  3. New 9" X35

    on its way to me.....Cant wait to try it out I know I am addicted now I got 5 coils..... I am traveling thru some Nevada desert areas and hope to find the time to swing a bit..... Jim
  4. Been gone awhile....

    With issues but am better, I also moved to Reno, gotta learn all over again the ground and area.......LOL Seems the ground is hard as all get out here, anything you guys can think of for getting better results with the HF9" coil and cement like dirt? Not a bunch of "Modern Trash" and coin...
  5. Heavy trash

    Deus is a tone machine, NOT a numbers machine, forget the numbers, try not to even look, tones tones tones.....Your going to be detecting one day and BAM! your head will sync with the Deus and baby the magic keeps rollin after that. try not to swap around programs, fasdt is very good, do minor...
  6. Confederate GA State Seal button

    Wow what a site! Nice job. Jim

    Another great video..... Man stop going out or you will clean up the whole state before I get there..... LOL Jim
  8. Collaboration Hunt. Good Times

    Umm keep the sharp objects from that Mikey! LOL even if ya find zero, hunting with friends is great.....IMO. Nice vid by the way Jim

    CB was that your pitch prog? The tone of it sounded diff than all the other vids I watched.....Maybe this comp is the difference IDK Jim
  10. Strip Club

    Doin it all wrong....... Tell a buddy (Maybe not a brainiac buddy) that you want to take him to the strip club and not to worry about needing money....... Once your there, give him the shovel and explain you will point at the spot he is to dig.... BAM! Easy diggin for you, go deep man, go...
  11. Stacking Custom Programs

    Mike I agree with you, but your not brand new, the OP is, unless I miss read it...... And I also said to get a program you like, (as you are talking what you like) stick with it and so one. We are saying about the same thing but your more experienced than he is and Just because I say it or you...
  12. Stacking Custom Programs

    What I was told when I started and I live by now is simple, Deus is a tone machine, forget the TID. Use Fast (or another proven program for you hunting and area) and dig EVERYTHING, this will seem stupid and all but then one day (Different amount of time for all of us) you will mentally be...
  13. Iron question on my pitch program answer.

    Bash, You my man are awesome for sharing with us all like you do......Not sure what Santa brought you but whatever it was, it was not enough! Thank you again for the vids...... Jim
  14. mostly relics

    Excellent finds! What program did you run with the elliptical? I have only used mine for gold Jim
  15. US Gold Coin TID Chart

    When I found mine, it was under a rusty nut on a bolt and it rang in the nickle range if I remember correctly, do a search I did a post on it.... I keep looking for it's lost friends but have yet to hit another one..... jim