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  1. Sharks Off Florida Beaches

    Of all the things that might get you in this state, gators and sharks don't rank...:laughing7:
  2. Park Ranger Can't EXPLAIN SIGHTING at Yellowstone

    Something like that happened here in Florida years ago when a rancher complained of a black panther predating his stock. Game and fish commission said, no, there are no such beasts walking in Florida. Next thing ya know, the rancher calls the warden and tells him he just shot the panther. There...
  3. Park Ranger Can't EXPLAIN SIGHTING at Yellowstone

    Don't mind me, I'm just holding up this tree...
  4. Park Ranger Can't EXPLAIN SIGHTING at Yellowstone

    Back to the OP. I don't doubt that there may exist some things that cannot be easily explained. Heck, we're still discovering things living in the seas that were never seen before. I don't doubt also that if there are a small number of these beings around, you can probably bet that you are...
  5. Park Ranger Can't EXPLAIN SIGHTING at Yellowstone

    Barred owls mostly, see some great horned owls too.
  6. Park Ranger Can't EXPLAIN SIGHTING at Yellowstone

    Just about sundown, when the owls choose their hunting territory for the evening, my dog thinks the world is coming to an end! Probably a dozen or more hang out here within hearing distance and they get quite vocal. That's a whole different vocalization than other warnings from Chief!
  7. Park Ranger Can't EXPLAIN SIGHTING at Yellowstone

    That was an interesting read Releventchair! Now or up to now, I don't believe I've ever encountered anything in the woods that I couldn't identify. I'm of like mind on being vigilant when something occurs without immediate recognition. If I'm not sure what it was I saw, I'll track it until I...
  8. Sharks Off Florida Beaches

    Where on earth do they expect sharks are supposed to be???
  9. 126 coins in one hole

    You might have found the location to one of the concession stand windows. I was lucky enough one time to be detecting with my Pop in an old rodeo arena. My Pop knew about where the stand was and it was like you found your site, coin after coin in one hole. After a while, we were just digging...
  10. Fish pics ( everybody )

    Way to start a trip...
  11. Fish pics ( everybody )

    Bart, I've been so busy working I haven't done much fishing or metal detecting. Last time out I got skunked!
  12. Yale lock

    Might find some answers here:
  13. Fish pics ( everybody )

    Nice rig Chris!
  14. An aggravation

    "Unfortunately, most people aren't as conscious of our lands as the people on this board who live and breathe the outdoors." Go Deep Agree whole-heartedly! A shame that so few can spoil it for so many!
  15. An aggravation

    Understood! But why is there not a place to camp? If you're on a state or national park, you own it...