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  • Thank you my friend for to send me message im very happy for it.
    So you dont have Sov GT(BBS) so you dont find the gold but if th PI more deep.
    I advise you to but Sov GT because its work best on the beach and found great finds. You but with close eye.
    The best search coil is Tornado 10'' is the best and more deep and detect all fine gold.
    In future, So my friend if you have much budget you but search coil 15'' wot. when you beach much iron you buy search coil 8'' tornado.
    The now when you bought Sov gt you must search with 10'' for learn more Sov GT. Im sure you will be very happy when you hunt with Sov GT.
    I wish you have great day and much treasure.
    Your friend Hamid
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