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  1. Button

    Awesome ID! Thank you for the reply and all the history. Love the advertisement. Additionally, it’s very helpful in dating the site where I found it. I think it was active from roughly 1850 - 1910s.
  2. checked off my bucket list...3 cent piece

    Congratulations! I’m still hunting for mine. 😊
  3. Button

    Wow, thank you! Really appreciate you getting me to the right spot and for all the button information. Those are great resources. I’m new to TN so the direction is very helpful. 😊
  4. Interesting screw

    Wow! Thanks for another great explanation and example. I love learning about the items I find and how it helps keep the history alive. I’ll pass on the knowledge to my friends and family.
  5. Iron mystery

    Thanks, that’s awesome! I knew it was something good! I’ve been reading up on this since I read your post. My kids are both mechanical engineers and they’ll get a kick out of the weight and force distribution! Lots of neat diagrams on the internet. And they both thought metal detecting had...
  6. Interesting screw

    Thank you, great input. It turns out they actually are threads, but I still think your idea makes sense. There are many semi-loose rock outcroppings in the area and this screw could easily be either hammered or screwed in to act as an anchor point. Thanks again!
  7. Iron mystery

    That’s awesome. Thank you!
  8. Iron mystery

    Thanks, that would be very cool. I found 2 of them near each other. The setting of the site doesn’t lend itself to a big clock, but you never know! I’m guessing this was a gold mining area and am not aware of any home sites, but there is rumor of an old barn……love the mystery.
  9. Ornate thin brass

    Any ideas? The vertical bar is fastened on the back so it doesn’t move. 4 small holes near each corner. Found on a site that dates to the second half of the 1800s. Thank you!
  10. Interesting screw

    Anyone know if this is just a general screw or did it have a specific function? I like the hole on top. Maybe it was used to insert a bar to use as leverage when tightening. Guessing it dates from 1850s to 1910s. Thanks for the help!
  11. Iron mystery

    I think you’re onto something! Thank you. Maybe a cowbell clapper? Definitely cows in the region I found it. 😊
  12. Button

    Any ideas? Looks like the top of a 2-piece button. No back or shank. Thank you!
  13. Iron mystery

    Any help identifying this would be greatly appreciated. It’s thick iron, hollow inside and round at the base and throughout the length of the conical shape. Thanks!