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  • Hello Somehiker! I was reading the post about the Mercury found and the reference to Jim Mine. I have been there but did not see a cross that you spoke of. The other Mercury mine (Not Jims), where in the region is it located I know of only three and that not any of them. Any help would be great:)

    Hi my friend, thanks for e-mail you probably seen photo but I added more markings.maybe do me a favor and download photo and post it on new site.look under cashes march 1 2013.
    What do you think about not peralta person?has he posted any photos?
    Hey wayne, on this one I don't know whats in it.the mine marking, not seen, is large.your starting to sound like an archiologist.I I can't put the head of jesus but let me block some from 1000000the and post it tomarrow.i'll see if I can block another with 1847 to also post.
    it was very informational thanks! sy not very good at this, computers and all!!! would like to meet spirit one day!! i have done a lot of genealogy with my family and doing research. herd about the ldm and peralta stones, caught my interest, wanting to debunk and being skeptical found myself enthralled and ran across some things that changed my mind. things that some haven't thought about or looked at in all that i've read! i am a opened minded person and have looked at all sides of the stories old and new and think people haven't listened to each other because of there own theories! the big picture i believe it to be true! you are a total stranger, but to solve a mystery everyone has to work together! i want to go to La Barge Canyon and Squaw Canyon! alot has been missed there! Be your weird friend who knows nothing! we all have knowledge but keep quiet!
    thank you! that was a very informative and helped a little. would like to me Spirit one day!!!
    I'm new to this sight and was wondering how to find anyone familiar with La Barge canyon in the Super's of AZ. want to know the best way to get there, hiking, horse back ect. the quickest and safest. I do have family in Apache Jct.,but they have no interest. Would not want to go alone! Want to go to the base of Malapais Mountain for field work.I have been to Rogers Trough and to Canyon Lake and Apache Lake. I'm an ex Marine and been around the desert, but not this kind. Have done as much studying of the area as I can and memorized much of the western part of range. Need a little help to take next step in my research. I have run across some interesting things and need to view first hand. It has been extremely hard to find photos of the area of interest only have a few from hikers. It is not a very popular area I guess. No one ever seems to go there, just all around it. If you could help it would me much appreciated. Thank you sir for your time! Alan HS....
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