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  1. animals signs and symbols Help !!

    perfect friend, thanks for answering
  2. animals signs and symbols Help !!

    What do you think of this other image? I think I see the head of a Lion, all the images are on the same area, I think it is some important area of antiquity to worship and burials. Other information I can give is that it is close to a large Roman city about 40 km from this city
  3. animals signs and symbols Help !!

    thank you friend, I will take account of your words, I still think that nature can not give such complex forms, I still think it was something placed on purpose
  4. animals signs and symbols Help !!

    Thanks for replying, I think it is ancestral art perhaps even with some meaning of worship or some meaning of burials
  5. animals signs and symbols Help !!

    ok friend, I wanted to solve that doubt so as not to make mistakes
  6. animals signs and symbols Help !!

    ok it seems good to me, I wanted to solve that doubt
  7. animals signs and symbols Help !!

    can you see animals and signs on the rocks? Or do you believe that nature makes these forms?
  8. are they signs?

    Hello friend, ok I will return to the monument and take my camera to document everything much better, it is true that this time I used my cell phone to photograph and if it is true I used the live mode without realizing my iphone. I will try to take note of everything you have told me and upload...
  9. are they signs?

    hello friend, today i was at the monument and took some more photos. But I couldn't find any well marked marks, I think this will take more time and dedication.
  10. Roman Coins Databasw

    no, they are from a French website I think I remember, it is all informative and visual, I would like to have that whole collection friend
  11. Spanish coins Catalogue

    There began the first coins of the kings of Spain, before them, would be the Arab, Roman, Celtic, Iberian coins etc.
  12. Spanish coins Catalogue

    If I think that if they appear colonial, it would be best to search by year. once there look at the complete catalog, they should appear there