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  • If you haven't sold this, can you send me all the infor at I'd appreciate it. and I'm VERY interested.
    Just going out for a short hunt. Went today with a guy that is up here with his girlfriend, she's a DR. Gyno interviewing for a position here in Ohio. They are both from Philla, PA. took him on a hunt to a school for about 3 hrs, got nothing but clad. But I did find a 1955 nickel:) Take care and if I find something cool I'll post.
    Understand that brother!! I'm still trying to find work. Everything is out of my area. No DL's hard to get around. I'll keep going till the snow falls. Going to a 1875 built building down the street, houses used to be behind it. Using the snipe coil. Found a 1955 nickel already today. Feeling like some silver!!! HH
    Hey Shannon sent a friend request. You still hunting or is it too cold there?
    hey digger where is the link to your youtube vids? would like to watch them.
    Im really liking the omega,Has better depth then the delta 4000 for sure,The only thing im having trouble with is keeping the ground balance correct,I can ground balance it in AT or Disc mode with the ground grab function and get depths of eight,nine inchs easily but after ten feet the ground error goes crazy and starts bouncing all over the place.I can stop for a second and adjust the GB up or down manually and it usually settles down,This detector has alot of bang for the buck.

    Btw,Great job on all those nickels the other day!!!

    HH John
    It's slowed, I haven't been out in a few days. I did find a few mercs that I didn't post though. I'll keep at it though and try to find something worth sharing.
    I live in Elkhart, and would like to learn how to use the two metal detectors that I have. I live off lusher and benham, and if you are interested in setting something up, then I would be interested in joining. Hope to hear from you.
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