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    This site was a Native American lookout point and hunting site and later in the 1700's into the 1800's was used as a colonial picnic site for its unique location and environmental characteristics of a stream, water fall, and granite outcrops. This site has yielded late 1700's buttons, silver...
  2. LOOK down a WELL, BLUE brushed ceramic, cast iron pot top, ORNATE brass buckle 1800s

    [SIZE=5]On to a new site with a hand dug well, no stones in lining. Also near the site was this almost complete blue brushed ceramic platter, any help with dating would be greatly appreciated. A cast iron pot top was dug and preserved, and a few buckles. One large Equine buckle and an ORNATE...

    Lady Liberty with flowing hair in the 4th picture, never seen that hairstyle!!!!!!!!! WOW, what a great artifact from our great country, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to you and your son.
  4. 1887 Seated Liberty QUAR. DOL. Fresh out of the ground!

    Wow, this was an undiscovered find from a colonial picnic site, underneath a wild Muscadine vine and granite outcrop. This site has yielded a silver 1/2 reale (Carolus III), and late 18th century and early 19th century flat buttons. This is the latest find and latest date to date! Interesting...
  5. 🥇 BANNER HOly Molie, found a cache of gold!!!!!

    THANK YOU for sharing, and taking us back to a look at the early 1700s, what a story you have here. The pictures of the goldsmithing and engraving are impressive. All I can say is WOW, what a look back in time, with our "time machines"! Our metal detecting time machines take us back to the...
  6. Buckle ?

    Shoe buckle tongue, chape, and spikes. The shoe buckle frame is still out there!!!! This fell out of a shoe buckle. Mid to late 1700s, you must be in a good spot, find the rest!!!!
  7. Colonial Picnic Site and INDIAN ROCK outcrop - NC

    This unique granite outcrop landmark feature has hand and foot holes ground into the slanting face of the granite to the top. I have climbed it and appears to have been once used as a Native American "Deer Stand", or should I say "Rock Stand!" Looking down you can scout the area silently...
  8. Nice old silver cuff link

    Looks like a nice old site, I noticed the brass grommets with leather still in place. I found a pair this year at a colonial to early 1800s site, interesting the leather is still attached. You can run some mink oil on the leather to help preserve it and not to dry out and crumble, FYI. Flat...
  9. 1902 Liberty Head, V Nickel - COUNTERFEIT, everything reads backwards???

    The BACK of the coin DOES have "CENTS" on it, of course backwards!!!
  10. Awesome day

    SILVER!!!!!!! Nice shoe buckle, you are on an exceptional site!
  11. 1820s ARTILLERY, Colonial Silver...IMPERIAL CROSS!

    WOW, that SILVER thimble is a museum piece, just think of the history and fingers behind it. Thanks for finding! and sharing
  12. Colonial Brass piece, for leather or scabbard?

    I have seen a few of these brass artifacts being found at colonial sites, and late 1700 to early 1800s sites. A few of them have showed up here on Treasurenet and trying to find an answer, here is the one I found along with a picture of another friends finds with same brass piece? HELP...
  13. 1902 Liberty Head, V Nickel - COUNTERFEIT, everything reads backwards???

    This is ODD, went out today on Main Street in Rolesville, NC and found this in a farm field. I thought I had found a V Nickel, but upon inspection everything reads backwards including the date. It has 13 stars on face, but they are all impressed versus raised. The bust faces right instead of...
  14. Cut Spanish silver and lots more

    Toasted: Cheers to you, what a great site and thanks for sharing, that cut piece of silver is an awesome find along with the flat buttons and buckle frames. Always neat to think back of who last had that in their pocket or hand, and now it's in yours. I consider my detector a time machine, as...
  15. Puzzling Silvered Button with CROWN and 2 FLEUR DE LIS

    Bummer, those buttons are from a blazer from Kohl's or T.J. Max?, along with the Colonial Spanish Reales, I guess it is a multi-component site. The baby head spook is a scary one