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  • I hunt an old school like that in Colorado, its been hit 100s of times by other detectorists, but I crank the ole E-Trac up to insanity (Sens 28) and I have pulled over 33 silvers out of it (majority of them mercs and rosies) Never a text book ID, but it was a solid tone in all directions. Looks like a great place to hunt, and remember.....They cant find it all.
    Hi, lost your email re your wireless headsets and would like get on your list to purchase one when available. Also, when/if you get a mount for the round tubular MD, let me know.
    Hey! I am in Laconia, Indiana. Along the southern border of Indiana. I do get up north your way from time to time. Looks like you have some great gear!
    Thanks Soverignelite for the welcome. All new to me, but enjoy the beach and treasure..
    If the Ultimate is still available and works with an E Trac, I'd like to offer 125$.
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