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  • Lucky dog, you live in an area with a lot of old history. I saw your find list. My profile picture is my best - a planters bank counterstamped piece of eight 1812-14 worth story was published in w n e treasures magazine and again in best finds issue of 2012
    Thanks steelheadwill! Wish I could find a mason jar full of them=ED--------COLONIAL COINS ARE WAY TO COOL TO FIND:occasion14:
    Hey herbie, I saw your post on here trying to find out myself how the deus would perform in the salt flats. From what I have read it has no advantage over the minelabs multiple freq machines in the salt . . Most of my info was from the British sites . They are starting to be able to discriminate with the pulse induction machines Though. I have been researching them and found a reasonable deep search model that can tell you if it is a ferrous, non ferrous or mixed signal ferrous and non ferrous together. The Mikon stinger 2. It also has iron masking and claims you can program it to find just one specific metal . It costs less than a Deus. I am considering a PI machine but I am not a jewlery hunter who goes to tourist beaches . I may give the stinger 2 a try . Maine Relic
    Hello and thanks for your message.I have been getting land and water leads here but no time to checkout.A few people with old farms and large properties.. 200+ acres have invited me to hunt.It is easy to find the old foundations because the flowers and ornamental shrubs that were planted long ago are easy to spot in the woods.I cannot resist the chance to dig up any old dump I come across also.There are some very nice bottles with high values I have found in the past.
    Thanks for the message.I have not spotted this type of whelk before but they are near me.Metal detecting underwater is similar to land with different junk to be found.You find pull tabs and me..lead weights.You find a beer cap and I find a fishing lure,lol.I am waiting on a minelab to help find better stuff..the JW 8X is not cutting it for me unless I am going real deep. Best Wishes and Take Care,Joseph
    The Scungilli ..large salt water snails in Rhode Island do not drill holes.They actually grab small clams and split them open along their own shell.If you see a big snail the outer edge is always worn along the opening.I have seen this diving underwater many times.I do wonder what does make the small round holes..anyhoo,Cheers
    Thanks bud , sites definitely changed. It looks like it'll be fun.I hope to be able to post some finds for folks to enjoy this year. The heat is already on in S C so the finds for me may be kinda slow.Thanks for the greetings , appreciate it. I hope you have a great year, take care.

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Anderson Detector Shafts

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