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  • Thanks so much Steve! I'll try the reset & frequency changes. I'm over on Dankowskis site a lot. He recommends 4H, but, it's just too much on the ears after an hour or so. I like the 2 tone option for simplicity - dig or don't dig. Just curious Steve, can u run that hot with the stock coil or with the 5"? The ONLY way my unit performs well is with the 5". I can run it to the max with that setup. Are u in the burbs or the city? Surprising the EMI doesn't hit u. Thanks again Steve!
    Hi Steve, long time member on here. Enjoy your posts and finds ;) I see you use the F75 too. Any tips you can share with me? I've successfully mastered many machines before, but, this ones got me nuts.

    Main problems are...

    Can't run hot - say anything higher than 65 or 70 if that, while in boost mode. This is using the stock coil.

    Second problem is, seems like the numbers are all over the place on this thing. Especially with targets at depth. The tones ' VDI just jump all over too much. When I DO finally get a decent signal that is consistent in tone & VDI id, I dig and its junk. Rivets, tabs, can slaw, etc.

    Any tips are greatly appreciated Steve!

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