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  1. Musket butt plate and side plate found.......Locks and more

    Nice hunt :thumbsup: I really like the gun parts.
  2. 1786 Vermont copper

    Congrats on your first Vermont and first State copper :thumbsup:
  3. My first American largie at the Seminole War fort!

    Beautiful large cent, but I'm not surprised based on the condition of the buttons you find at this site The buckle is a tough one. I'm thinking it could date from 1880 at the earliest and 1930 at the latest. Maybe someone can narrow the date range down
  4. 1804 Dollar......No jokin' About This Token!!!

    'I'll take quality over quantity every time :thumbsup:
  5. Found a Trade Ring - looking for info

    Update: Turns out "Domine Iesu" means "Lord Jesus" in Latin, which probably explains the letters DI.
  6. Old russian bayonette SVT-40

    Good job on the electrolysis!
  7. Smoker's site 1853 Half Dime

    Love those hammered silvers.
  8. Found my first 18th century Indian trade ring!!

    Looks like one of our members has solved the meaning of the letters!
  9. Found my first 18th century Indian trade ring!!

    Thanks! Now that makes sense.
  10. Found my first 18th century Indian trade ring!!

    It is possible that a white man wore this ring, but it very similar to the Jesuit rings traded to the Indians, and there were a lot of Indians on this site when the trading post was active.
  11. Smoker's site 1853 Half Dime

    That's quite a few small silvers. Looks like you've been to the UK as well. I think my lack of half dimes is related to my lack of seated coinage. While I have found 74 Spanish silvers, including 34 half reals, and hundreds of other US coins that were circulating at the same time as seated US...
  12. Smoker's site 1853 Half Dime

    Considering all the tiny buttons, cufflinks, and bucky balls I find on my old sites, if there was a half dime there I would find it, unless it was too deep. I have found 25 half cents, countless large cents and flat buttons, so I am hunting the types of sites where they should be.
  13. Seminole War Fort Coin

    Sweet half dime!