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  1. Tombstone Arizona, monsoon lightning

    Great photo, As a photographer myself of 35 years Lightning is not easy to shoot...Well done sir.
  2. Todays finds w/odd rock

    May of missed a thread thought you had a Bounty Hunter LRP?... Did you kick it to the curb already?
  3. New guy ordered a Land ranger Pro

    LRP1980 .......Just wondering how your doing with your new LRP.? Getting my LRP Thursda.y Hope you have had some good targets
  4. New guy ordered a Land ranger Pro

    Hey Muddy .. I myself just ordered the LRP and should be here Thursday. Also ordered the Garrett Pinpointer Pro II with holder and a dump bag on a good deal on Amazon. Are you going to set up a test bed? I would be curious to see how closes are tones and numbers are with the different settings...
  5. Pogue's Run Indianapolis Indiana

    Have you tried Brookside Park?
  6. Did everyone feel this way?

    Thanks to everyone who has responded so far with the words of encouragement and advice.Those are great place I hadn't thought of. It's great to have you seasoned veterans around. Thanks again ... I'm sure i will have more question.Thanks again
  7. Did everyone feel this way?

    Did everyone feel this way when you started.......Hello everyone I'm new to the forum and the hobby. After about a week of research on equipment [Bounty Hunter LR Pro not yet purchased} and laws as to where its legal to MD I have become frustrated to the fact here in central Indiana there is a...