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  • Hi Chris, I have been looking at the pix of your figure, and comparing them with the pix in my reference books. I have not been able to locate an exact match, sorry. You are correct, the figure may be of a police officer at attention, or possibly a WW1 to WW2 US Marine in blue dress uniform. The oval base is different from any I could find. Britains soldiers have rectangular bases and most dimestore figures from America are larger (70mm) in height. Yours appears more to be a 54 mm or smaller, am I correct? I will continue to look for you and let you know if I find anything. Happy hunting, Lance (Subterranean.)
    Hi Butch, I am down in Christian County, between Springfield and Branson. I am a member of the 417 Relic Hunters's club too, we meet in Springfield. I am new (only here two years) to the area and still developing new contacts and places to detect. Have a Merry Christmas and keep digging! Lance (Subterranean)
    Hey Sub, I see that you are in missouri as well, you answered my question about my belt buckle today. I am in Hannibal and was wondering if you were close by?
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