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  1. Digging into a mid 1800s tavern trash pit

    interesting finds
  2. 35 Flat Button Hunt, Draped Bust LC

    Thats quite a day of digging
  3. help identifying cannonballs

    nice recovery
  4. What's under the deck?

    The toy m 60 is awesome
  5. More parking lot Gold!

    nice recovery
  6. Simplex sniffs out a beauty

    nice recovery
  7. ๐Ÿฅ‡ BANNER 1878 Contemporary counterfeit Trade dollar, San Francisco mint mark!

    I found a Pine tree shilling a few years ago that is counterfeit. Disappointing!
  8. I decided to park it today.

    its amazing the finds one makes in parks
  9. Think it's a 1795 liberty cap

    lloks like a liberty to me