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  1. found this CRH...a 2000 no mint wide AM penny

    alot of lookers...anyone have any insight?
  2. found this CRH...a 2000 no mint wide AM penny

    yeah id say so. Ohh well,
  3. Possible 1990 no s penny?

    thanks guys appreciate it. is it possible there might be a proof coin in circulation and if so. how will i know? from the shine?
  4. found this CRH...a 2000 no mint wide AM penny

    Was going through a few rolls of pennies today and came across this 2000 wide AM cent. said to be worth something. Any one know? I hear $20 or more. Hope that is correct? its my first true penny find
  5. Possible 1990 no s penny?

    picture this is another picture of 3 1990's with the one in question to the right.
  6. Possible 1990 no s penny?

    here is another pic with the one in question in the middle. it seems as if it appears a little larger as well, unless it is just because it might be brighter...any answers to this?
  7. Possible 1990 no s penny?

    Here are 2 pictures. I found this penny in the change drawer and I recently started CRH. I found this 1990 no s penny in immaculent condition and everything looks good. I am hoping that someone can shed some good info and news about the coin? Thanks to all.
  8. 1967 quarter error?

    its the one on the right. in the first picture
  9. 1967 quarter error?

    I have a 1967 quarter with a doubling error. looks like the words LIBERTY are slightly bigger in size and the reverse side the letters UNIT in united are daded out really badly. Is this a true error and if so, what could that be called and worth? Thanks guys!!!
  10. silvers as easy as pie

    silvers lol, that was funny, the first roll had 5 rosie's and the 2nd roll had 0 ! thats funny
  11. silvers as easy as pie

    very nice guys! thanks, i am going to keep my eyes open from now on...there is another roll of dimes, should I open it?
  12. silvers as easy as pie

    Found these little bad boys at work in the change drawer! 5 silvers. a 1947, 1957, 2 1952's and a 1955 guess if i save enough of them, they might be worth some money on melt value. I wonder how much i would get for 5 silver dimes...anyone might know?
  13. new detector, great results

    gotcha. okay, I wasnt sure if that was the case. ohh well, ill keep on hunting for the elusive RARE coin!
  14. Two (believed to be) 1770s coppers in 40 minutes

    nice job. good luck, research on how to clean them good and they wll be more revealing.
  15. new detector, great results

    the last pic is of the wiered dime and a regular dime right next to eachother. see the diffrence?