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  1. New Jobe 2.5 dredge (Gold Rush Guys)

    Let me know if you need a digging partner sometime. I have the dredge now now and also have a bazooka gold trap.
  2. New Jobe 2.5 dredge (Gold Rush Guys)

    Great finds. I can't wait to get out there and do some diggin
  3. New Jobe 2.5 dredge (Gold Rush Guys)

    Just picked up my new Jobe 2.5 inch backpack dredge today from the Gold Rush Guys. Can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer to take it for a test drive. Anybody in the Piedmont North Carolina region and wants to support a local friendly business go check the Gold Rush Guys out.
  4. Predator Tools: Awful Customer Service

    Yes, i did not like the orange handle so I went with the black handle. I know it is a little more but from what I hear it is the last one you will have to buy
  5. Predator Tools: Awful Customer Service

    Thanks for the information. I know diggin virginia is this weekend I believe so maybe you are right about their time being focused on these events. I know the quality speaks for itself so I will give them a little more time. Model 85 is what I am waiting on
  6. Predator Tools: Awful Customer Service

    I am going to give them one more shot Monday. For 2 weeks I have emailed them and called with no luck. Seems like what I am hearing this lack of communication is par for the course. I heard they have a great product but I agree, that is no excuse becuase of their size. Takes 30 seconds to...
  7. Predator Tools: Awful Customer Service

    Damn, those do look nice. That may be a better option if I have to get a refund on my order next week.
  8. Predator Tools: Awful Customer Service

    Thanks for the info. I will search for that thread. You are right though, makes me think twice about ordering a tool from them.
  9. Predator Tools: Awful Customer Service

    Just wondering if anybody else has received poor service from Predator Tools? I am going on 2 weeks without being able to get any information on my order. Come Monday I will have to file claim with Paypal to get my money back. If I would of known about this poor service I would of bought a...
  10. Tesoros New Detector Name Is

    I would suspect they are fairly close to a release date. From a business stand point seems they would want to release just in time for spring. At least i hope so :)
  11. Siver on a Nasty Day

    Well, is was to nasty to do some hunting but i bought a soda at the gas station and got a 1962 quarter as change. Woohoo!!!
  12. Picked up my new ATP on Monday

    Do you happen to know the first few digits of the serial number of the first gen ATP's
  13. 5x8 Coil

    Let me know how you do with it.
  14. 5x8 Coil

    I have searched all over for a negative review with 5x8. Cant find one. I bet i will never take it off once it is on.
  15. 5x8 Coil

    Just ordered a 5x8 coil from Bart @ Big Boy Toys. Great service and price. Cant wait to see if it is all what everyone says it is!!!