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  1. 🥇 BANNER I Accidentally Found My Grandfather's Class Ring!

    Bar none the absolute best dig I’ve ever read… glad you were the detectorist to find it! Nothing more precious (metal) than family! (family jewelry)
  2. 🥇 BANNER Amazing old gold ring!

    Are you a jeweler? Or do you mean your personal wedding rings? I would love to learn this process. I am making rings in my garage. I'd love to master the method.
  3. My Best Find Last Week on the Treasure Coast

    Just one Ducat! or maybe an 8 reale cob... :skullflag:
  4. 2 Reale in a public park!!!

    So Amazing... Congrats on an amazing 100th find! 3 years into metal detecting on the west coast and I'm on silver #4... I find more Gold jewelry... haha.. can you see a mint mark on the pistareen? Again.. just wow..
  5. Major Milestone Reached Today! My 2,000th Silver Coin Dug!!!

    I never find squat in the SF parks! Its because of you... and that is awesome and fair! I did find my first silver there.. a silver legacy token near Lombard St. My first silver ring was found there as well! South San. 2k is a good number! Congratulations!!!
  6. Minelab Equinox 800 finds 1,200 GOLD STATERS!!

    This is amazing! A find of many lifetimes.
  7. Best detector for 11 year old

    Mine Lab Go Find 40 is better. I have a 40 and 66. The 20 lacks pin point mode, I use this mode most (my personal preference) ;)
  8. My first silver reale

    Congrats!!! Old Mexican first republic silver... wow :occasion17:
  9. new member Schwendi

    Chicken Gold Camp Alaska! watching it now.
  10. Wait 1 Year for the Gophers to Tear Up the Field.....Then Go Back...Shallow Silver!

    Thorough hunt! I've got a few of those SMC bus tokens! The larger ring looks like it has a garnet.
  11. Felt pretty ......normal today

    Cool ring!
  12. Silver Republican Roman denars found

    I can only imagine what it would feel like to find such an old piece of Roman history... Congratulations!!
  13. Gold in the Hole!

    Right!? When I pulled it out I thought it was an aluminum junk ring for a few seconds until I cleaned it up.. Then it was 30 seconds of “NO WAY!!!!” BOOM!