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  1. My Classic car insurance covers stupidity!

    That's so sad! If it would help I have room for the GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) (grand touring car) (for the admirers who didn't take Italian in school) next to my Targa. For the summer and fall at least! Beautiful color!
  2. Almost there.

  3. Received in my email today.

    Just noticed it was in my private message area also. Don't open any private messages from this person!
  4. Received in my email today.

    I just can not understand why people do this! I'm old, been married happily for over 50 years and just like to collect old things! So many outlets for this type of thing in the media. Why come here? Thank you for handling this.
  5. Received in my email today.

    I tried to eliminate the links. There were several. DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK!
  6. Received in my email today.

    Dear targa911, You have received a new private message at TreasureNet - The Original Treasure Hunting Website from glucpolingti1974, entitled "Some interesting for you/". To read the original version, respond to, or delete this message, you must log in here: (Link deleted by mod) This is...
  7. A topic group about identifying reproductions and fakes.

    Would love to see a forum group about detecting fakes and reproductions. Lots of questions I would like answered. As a pinback collector I just don't see the profit in making reproductions on pinbacks that sell on Ebay for $5.00 or less?
  8. Is this a real or Repro cast iron car and what's the value?

    Looks cool. But I'm thinking repaint.
  9. The Detectorists tv.

    I'm new so if it's been discussed, sorry. One of my favorite tv shows was/is the Detectorists, I think it's on Prime. Two seasons and I loved it. If you haven't seen it give it a try. IMO
  10. Pinback collectors.

    Any pin-back collectors other then political pins? Any groups? I collect Kellogg Pep Pin Backs and am just starting on tobacco pin-backs. Mostly small pin backs not the large ones.
  11. New member

    Can't seem to get my profile photo to load.
  12. New member

    I collect old Kellogg pin-backs. Only need 19 more. Am now interested in starting to collect Hassan Tobacco Pin-backs. My other collector passion is with old camera and photography equipment.