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  • I went out for 1.5 hours yesterday. Found a old carbide lamp that was used in the coal mines. Also a cap gun, copper head gasket off of some old equipment and an old woven battery cable. I just hunted in the quarry in my front yard.

    yeah tom weather is getting better FINALLY, I found a belt buckle, 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 1 penny at buhl yesterday, keep searching like they say nothing is ever over search yes, good day
    hey tom , awesome day today almost 70, thought I would go up to buhl park to search still using my stock coil on my whites wideband 950, actually this week im getting the dd coil in mail so it will perform better got for 150.00 its new some guy sold it so anyway I found 3 quarters, 2 dimes, 1 nickel, and 1 penny oldest was penny 1938. Well I thought I would tell you I no you go up there to so my friend have a great day contact back when you can.
    Hey tcornel, yeah the grounds are well trying to thaw where you can dig some, interesting finds. The coil big make you tired after awhile I guess, Im so called accordinated can go left or right side. a friend and myself do enough research on the computer to find possible locations we do consider everything then break it down of course, as you no you cant cover everywhere life isn't that long. Dam area, creek side, old parks you no. Yeah once the weather gets better you will have more people interested in MD, Yeah im sure pymatuning area has to be search area, Cortland old country route 7 and the where abouts a lot of places to search. In ending when I lived in downtown warren, once again very small courthouse park but ive seen same people MD not much area to search but maybe they seen something from past maps I guess just thought I would mention it, ok well take care of that shoulder its going to be spring soon and more swinging action to be and cool finds have a great day

    I got out Sunday for a couple hours in the woods where the ground is not frozen. I found an old lamp part, lipstick holder and several mason jar lids.
    I was trying out my new 15" NEL coil. It is a beast to swing even with the harness on. My shoulder is hurting so I may just save it for the beaches.
    Little saplings kept getting in the way.

    I hunt anywhere I get the urge to. Ohio, western Pa. and have traveled with the club to Columiana and Geauga counties.

    We had about 60 people at the meeting. Roster sits about 90 and it will probably go over 100 without much problem. Participating in a group hunt
    breaks up the normal routine.

    Hey Tom good day, thought I would drop you a line, hope alls going well. Weather is goofy but maybe next week 50s or so might get out and check a few places. Did you get out yet ? Do you stay in ohio pretty much or do you stray over in Pa to search just asking. Oh how the meeting go 100 strong yet.
    I don't know much about Whites equipment other than it is quality. If you can get a dime at 6 or 7 inches you will be just fine for most situations.

    There are a couple guys in the metal detecting club with Minelabs that are finding silver at 8 to 12 so I took a flyer on the NEL coil. I plan to use it in open lawns areas, fields with weeds where you can't get a coil within 5 inches of the ground. Also will use it on the beach.
    Hi Tom, Nice find at good old buhl park, your correct the same spot can be search over and over and someone hits a target. It must be due to the coil they where using don't you or they where searching to fast just my guess. Oh tom these are the two coild I have with my whites dfx the obvious multiple harmonic wide band and this whites eclipse 5.3 I think this goes deeper what your opinion good enough for searching this area or would you recommend an other coil thanks friend
    yeah tom I here you its been a long frozen tundra of a winter gee whiz. dog gone work and other family things don't allow me to go out off the grid I call it much, however I do try different areas of buhl park, I must say ive found coins of different denomination but nothing to old tom, I did find a 1918 penny at the top but of the side weed area you no. tell me what detector you use and this nel coil ill have to look that up. I only have 1 detector tom whites dfx its a nice machine have two coils. I never try to ask people where they find stuff because its none of business unless there share it im not trying to sneak upon someones find just a curious about what our area has hidden in the ground you understand. keep in contact so we can compare I don't mind If you don't ok tom will wait for you to respond thanks friend
    hey tom its 49er12 , been awhile you been searching much this year or are you waiting for warmer weather to, keep in touch ok
    Hey Tom whats going on what type of detector you have ? My first was a kellyco Titan 2000 I believe, since I sold then I bought a good used Whites DFX model this model has the same electronice the other newer dfx except the new whites v3i or whatever its called. Hey your correct about searching the same places over, someone comes behind you and guess what, I did notice last week I week down to the old erie canal lock in sharpsville my detector went lulu, it was over load data, to much mineralized stuff i guess, anyway i didnt stay long went up to the dam. Give me a buzz back let me no what you think
    Mr Cornell this 49er12 I was wondering you sound more experience than I do in this hobby, I would like to keep in touch being we are local folks I guess. I try to detect buhl park its close, I no im not going to find a pirates treasure please but, believe me this place has been searched over but I go places that most don't go, I still find quarters, knickles, dimes , pennys etc. where in brookfield or masury is a good spot, the old speak easy, moonshine areas have a great day
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