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  1. Broken Quartz Clovis Maybe?? Opinions appreciated

    Not seeing Clovis although that looks like a good quality quartz artifact. What does the other side look like?
  2. Big Sandy

    I think Jon is correct--a Coshocton flint Thebes.
  3. Wyoming find

    Thanks for the education. I won't for get it.
  4. North GA hardstone Axe & Celt

    Sweet! Is the grooved axe made of hematite? Nice polish on that one.
  5. Wyoming find Take a look at the flaking patterns of a few in the above link. Plainview's are contemporaneous w/Angostura and many others sharing common characteristics. Wyoming is well within their distribution range.
  6. Wyoming find

    Plainview possibly.
  7. North Florida personal finds

    Man that Marion in pic1 is classic with those broad straight shoulders! I may recognize a couple more types there. Killer finds. Thanks and welcome. I see it's your avatar too! Good choice.
  8. grooved egg

    I may have spoken too soon.. it sure has the look of a giant war club!
  9. Some spring & summer finds

    I like 23/30 best aside from the grooved axe. You smoked 'em!
  10. Did I find a kettle point??

    I stand educated with the terminology. I'm still not seeing a point that has been fashioned by man.
  11. Did I find a kettle point??

    A trade point then. Still, it doesn't look like any trade point I've ever seen. I've never heard the term 'kettle point' and I've been in the hobby for some 55 years.
  12. Did I find a kettle point??

    I don't think it's a Native American artifact. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say it is not a Native American artifact.
  13. Did I find a kettle point??

    Not sure what a "kettle point" is.
  14. grooved egg

    That's a killer brute of a maul! Congrats.