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The Motor City
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Detector(s) used
Extended Sensory Perception, L-rod, Y-rod, pendulum, angle rods, wand.
White's MXT, Garrett Ultra GTA 500, AT Gold, SCUBA Detector Pro Headhunter, Tesoro Sidewinder, Stingray, 2 box-TF900, Fisher TW-6
Land Surveyor, Civil/Utility (Gas) Engineer, Mechanical Engineer
--Honorable Mentions--
[url=]Fisherman's blues to Fisherman's rock and roll![/url] - [url=]A Splendid Engagement!![/url] - [url=]30 year fixed![/url] - [url=]The "Key" to savings is.............[/url] - [url=]He does'nt have to ask twice![/url] - [url=]Sentimental Silver![/url] - [url=]Diamonds are a Man's best friend too![/url]- [url=]A Very Memorable Memorial Day![/url] - [url=]Happy Belated Mother's Day![/url] - [url=]Bees, Fire Ants and Picker Plants.......[/url] - [url=]One Of My "Hits" Went GOLD and PLATINUM![/url] - [url=]Softball Couple Didn't Like the Dirt on this Diamond![/url] - [url=]Pigskin, Cleats and Mud![/url] - [url=]Rapunzel Throw Down Your.......Ring?[/url] - [url=]Honoring Thy Father and Mother......[/url] - [url=]It Wasn't Snow Much Fun!.....[/url] - [url=]Where In The Deck Are The 4 Diamonds?[/url] - [url=]Third Time's A Charm![/url] - [url=]A Birthday To Remember![/url] - [url=]A Class Act Reunion![/url] - [url=]Playing Hard To Get...[/url] - [url=]In Less Than A Week...[/url] - [url=]Lady Speed Walker[/url] - [url=]I Dig Chicks With Sparklers![/url] - [url=]A Happy Tail![/url] - [url=] Sandy Toes![/url] - [url=]She Couldn't Beleaf Her Eyes![/url] - [url=]Old News Is GOOD News![/url] - [url=]All FORE One[/url] - [url=]What's All The Buzz About?[/url]
Primary Interest:
All Treasure Hunting
Dowsing...All Types Of Treasure Hunting


"Let Thy Hand, Oh God, guide me through the ways Thou seest are needed for those that seek to know Thy way through any effort of mine."


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