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  1. Walking stick tip

    looks like the writing would be (right side up) readable when the hole is facing down. I think parasol might be a good guess.
  2. Coins and relics from old schoolhouse

    Great stuff! Old schoolhouse hunts are my favorites...Kids carry (and lose) the darndest things..
  3. Georgius Triumpho, GW Token

    Great token!
  4. Coin Purse

  5. More lake silver and gold.

    Great finds and good luck with the return!
  6. Back to the new spot, first baby head bust silver

    Cool! congrats! The peseta looks like a baby "uncle fester" from the adams family.
  7. Any help appreciated

    Nice! Magnifier was my first thought too.
  8. Found on edge of dune what is it?

    If it's square with a tapered( chisel shaped) point it is probably a spike used for ship building or railroad track attachment. How long is it and does a magnet stick to it?
  9. New permission

    Nice finds and thanks for the info. I didn't know about the composition change( I have only found 1 so far). Also I didn't know there was such a thing as a 1/4 reale. Another new addition to the bucket list. Every time I scratch something off my list it gets replaced by two more things that I...
  10. Last 2 hunts net silver, gold's and PLATINUM!

    Very very good day...
  11. Buggy brake, WW II Service button, 2 Braided hair, Indian, Eagle lock,Cast iron

    Nice! The green indians are beautiful. That eagle button is great too. Any idea of vintage?
  12. New permission

    Great trime. Interesting patina. Silver usually comes out looking like silver around here. Amazing how a hot fire can color them.
  13. Royal Navy