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  • Mr.Soloman. I truely thank you for your replys on cleaning my spur . I hate to be so anal , but before I use the method u described ,was wondreing if you would please look at my pics on the cleaning and preservation forum so you will see exactaly what Im talking about .I just want to remove as much rust off the chain as possible a.s it a ealry type Mexican spur ,.I would love to leave the patina ,which seems to have gotten darker over the past year.Thanks again for your time & Expertise..for this spur is special to me .Davers
    Man oh man, I have been checking out some of your videos on Youtube and I have to say..lots of gold! And I am hooked, I think nugget finding is what I would like to do. It will be a month or so before I can get me a Lobo, and I wanted to ask..Where should I begin? when searching for gold is there a specific geological location that you scout out? Or can gold be found any place?
    Terry, I would like to share some very cool news with you!

    Today, I found my first silver! A 1944 mercury dime! I am so excited its ridiculous! I wanted you to be the first to know! Thanks for all your support!
    not sure if you had planed on coming up this sunday or not
    but i am calling off the hunt i dont want any of my friends doing any traveling till after this storm passes
    see ya at your place in a few weeks
    Hey Terry its me again how are you?Thanks for the info on the vaquero I am trying to decide between the vaq/outlaw what do you think? Also I am thinking of planning a trip to Arizona for nugget hunting I was hoping you could give advise on what time of year would be best any help on what area would be great.I have never desert hunted before and was just looking for advice from someone with experience.Thanks in advance.Jarid Warren
    Hello Terry, since you use the LOBO for coin and relic hunting I was wondering what other coils you have used on it? Thanks
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